Marcin Gortat used to be a valuable member of an NBA Finals team, playing backup center for the Orlando Magic that one time they got beat by the Lakers. Then he was traded to the Suns, who featured one of the greatest point guards in the history of basketball. It was a nice couple of years for the Polish Hammer.

Nowadays, he’s still a Sun, only now he’s playing with guys like Goran Dragic, Luis Scola and Michael Beasley, all fine players but no Hall of Famers. But he’s fine with that. Really. From AZCentral Sports:

“That’s business,” Gortat said. “ I learned that. And you know what? I have a sweet home in Phoenix. I’m feeling good out there, trust me. Biltmore. It’s just great. I live in the building with (Sen.) John McCain. I’ve got great teammates. I’ve got a sweet spot on the team. I’ve got a great mentor in Jermaine O’Neal. What else do you want to have? I’m in a great city.”

Yeah, like, Phoenix is totally cool, maaaaan. All the shots he wants, a great training staff, nice weather, there’s some botanical gardens, Jermaine O’Neal is there to talk about the struggles of balding big men. It’s pretty chill.

I mean, sure, maybe Marcin Gortat would like to win some more games or make the playoffs again, but for now he seems content to just vibe out with John McCain and maybe grab some ‘za at Pizzeria Bianco. There could be worse things in life than playing basketball in Phoenix. Just get him a bowling shirt and let him kick it Fieri style, because between the sweet house and the sweet spot on the team, things are looking pretty sweet for Marcin Gortat.

(via Zach Lowe)