Ballin: Kyle Lowry went for 22 points (8-10 shooting, wow), seven rebounds, five assists and three steals. That’s close enough to a 5×5 that we can speculatively add him to the list of guys who could possibly do it this season. His career high in blocks is four, so it’s not that crazy.

Not so much: The Pistons lost to the Lakers, who we all know is the worst team in basketball. From everything I’ve heard, the Lakers were going to go 0-82 this season, so way to ruin everything, Pistons.

Irony: Jeff Teague is short and not a superstar, while Kevin Durant is pretty tall and definitely a superstar. That’s what makes this dunk impressive.

Because they were playing in Oklahoma City, it seemed like Jeff Teague and his teammates were the only people in the whole gym who was happy about this dunk. Congratulations to him and his giant face.

Money talks: Pre-extension, DeMar DeRozan averaged 14 points per game on 46 percent shooting while adding 3.4 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 0.8 steals. Since inking his new deal, he’s gone for 19 per on 50 percent shooting with 5.0 rebounds, 1.3 assists and 1.3 steals. Surely this is not a case of small sample size and he is just proving us all wrong.

Hi: Carmelo Anthony, all up in your face.

Rumor has it that when Carmelo Anthony lands on you, he leaves a chocolate milk stain.

Bombs away: Kevin Martin made six threes in the Thunder’s loss to the Hawks — at home, whoops — which is tied for the second-most of any Thunder ever. Sure, there are quite a few SuperSonics who have bettered Kevin Durant’s mark of seven, but we’re not going to talk about them.

Looptid: Kobe Bryant is fancy.


Ewing Theory: The Orlando Magic are 2-0 since the Dwight Howard trade, which obviously means that they won the deal and will continue to dominate the NBA now that the guy who was holding them back has been shipped out. Glen Davis is leading the league in usage rate right now, so they’re pretty set for big men. Also, Patrick Ewing is gone from the Magic, so the theory double works.

Other things: Whole bunch of injuries this weekend — Brandon Rush, Hedo Turkoglu, Anthony Davis, Jason Richardson, finding out Steve Nash has a small fracture in his leg, probably others that I missed — so I guess the season has really started … Blake Griffin officially inked his Jordan Brand deal because he jumps high … James Harden is killin’ it at the strip clubs (and at basketball, I suppose) … Boris Diaw teaching kids how to make crepes, his true calling … Check out all the HOT CHIXXX that Enes Kanter just started following on Twitter