On the plus side, at least we know that somewhere out there is a crystal clear video of Jason Richardson limping around on a rolled ankle. That dedication to getting a shot is the kind of work that can land a cameraman a primo gig on “Survivor.” Those guys won’t stop filming for anything.

Get Mark Burnett on the phone. He needs to see this.

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  1. Jason on his tootsies…

  2. fuckin’ cameraman man.. best reaction ever

  3. It drives me insane, when are they going to move them back ?! There’s really no need to be this close…

  4. in his defense it is his job to be there and film, no matter what.

  5. To Skeets’ credit, he has been saying something about this for years. With the high quality cameras and lenses we have today, would it really hurt to move them a couple of feet back?

  6. The real problem is that several years ago the NBA moved the cameramen OFF the stanchion and INTO the escape lane so the fans at home could see the SPALDING advertisement on the base. The poor cameramen are now sitting EXACTLY where a player lands on a fast break or high speed drive to the basket. SHAME ON THE NBA!!!!! They care more about advertising dollars than they do about the health of their players and the hard working cameramen and women who are getting run over night after night!

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