Ep. 864: Fans of Anatomy

On Tuesday’s episode of “The Fix,” the guys touch on as many games as possible. Topics discussed include: the Wolves’ second-half comeback, Marc Gasol’s passing, the ol’ Millsap or Big Al debate, San Antonio’s 4-and-0 start, whether the Clips miss Reggie, Dion Waiters’ hot hand, and the Sixers’ ugly Bynum-less offense.

All that, plus the NBA’s best backcourt, undefeated teams, and which NBA player would have the best chance of stealing votes from Romney and Obama tonight.

Happy Election Day, Americans!

Don’t forget to get your mail questions in for a chance to win a copy of NBA2K13.


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  1. Quick correction that Leigh missed: Salmons hasn’t played this year — it was J.J. with the missed FT that screwed my Book-Off pick.

    • ‘drop’ suggestion. you know when michael wilbon goes like ‘Reali… what’d we miss?!’, for when u go to leigh at the end of the show. pti reference.

  2. Where’s the video?

    • We’re having technical difficulties with live streaming the video right now, so until we figure it out, the YouTube version of the show won’t see daylight ’til about 3 p.m. ET.

    • second that.. i know its not your fault, but i really miss the live video!

  3. i like tas melas

  4. Can you guys please post your fantasy teams?

  5. To answer Tas’ overlooked question. Tyler Zeller was very good in college. He had a bit of a reputation of being fragile after some early injuries but by his senior year (last year) he was fantastic: he was reliable, had something of an outside shot, was money at the FT line, and ran the court with the best of them. Cody is probably a better player overall but I don’t think anyone should turn down having Tyler on their team.

    He was also THE 2012 Academic All-American so he’s a little smary pants, if you care about those sorts of things.

    Note: I’m also biased, so there’s that.

    • An Academic All-American doesn’t mean much, but it doesn’t mean nothing!

      Everything else being equal, I’ll take a smart guy over a knucklehead on my team every day.

  6. TBJ is staying dark until Trey’s order of spanx comes in.

  7. Free copy of NBA 2K13?!?!

    I guess I peaked too early getting my question on last week’s show.

  8. This show is becoming the Kyle Lowry Jones. He’s good, but c’mon. He’s doing the same thing on a mediocre raptors team that he did on a mediocre rockets team last year. And yes, I am a bitter rockets fan.

    • Correction: It’s the James Johnson Jones.

      How can you be bitter though? You got James Harden, his beard, and Jeremy Lin on a mission to make the haters look silly this year and Zach Lowe says Omer Asik’s up-and-under is a wonder to behold.

  9. Man!
    i was always a fan of your show but after that minor changes in the background i have to say you are better than ever guys. especially my blac frog kerbyt stepped up his comedic timing, information shooting on point and overall likeability. (just get rid of the typical U.s. like ……like…words…..like) and i remix you into one of my beats!

  10. Hey guys, there’s actually a lot of PC gamers. In fact, NBA 2k12 has a mod that adds 256 classic teams to the game, including stuff like Barkley’s Suns, Dream Team I, Dream Team II, Yao/McGrady Rockets, and a ton of other awesome teams.

    Check it out: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I_30-uh36ZM

    PC gaming master race signing out.

  11. No video so hard to compare, but is it me or does Trey Kerby look like a husky James Van Der Beek?

  12. Trey..you need to vote dude. You can get an absentee ballot at the american consulate, Tas, your wife can do the same. It’s important..don’t blow it off! Apathy can have a huge negative impact on supreme court issues even if you don’t care for the presidential race. Disappointed to hear that on the show. If it comes down to the wire your vote even late will count.

  13. thought when reading the description of topics covered: wait, marc gasol died?

  14. I propose adding Cate Blanchett above the Kate Upton level for that sheer two towel Australian class. That show would happen maybe twice a year.

  15. Looking good in the Pek shirt, Taswell. You been workin out?

  16. One of the girls on my basketball team has Bursitis in her elbow (like Griffin reportedly has). Whenever she knocks it against something, it immediately swells to the size of an apple and looks very bruised (no exageration). She’s one of the toughest people I know, currently playing through 2 calf stress fractures, yet this elbow injury kills her.
    I can only imagine the pain if it had burst like Griffin’s has. Ouch.

  17. President James Harden … sounds presidential. He’d have to trim the beard though. Harden would look good on a piece of currency. VP Lin.You know he is great coming in from the back up role.

    Or President Derrick Rose. Cares about kids getting into school. Pizza. Ya know, Issues. He could recruit Heinrich to be his VP. Shouldn’t President be a PG though? Derrick gets people involved & can take over when he needs to show leadership. Plus, Derrick has a lot of time on his hand right now; so, Seems like a natural choice.

  18. Idea for a segment: you guys should rate how awesome each flop is using some sort of clever scale like the Kate one.

    Donald Sloan flop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_r4JcYXAp0
    JJ Barea flop: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NcHt1hrYe_I

  19. I dont know if anyone has mentioned this in the past, but will you guys be able to eventually use the TV in the background either for the big board (and then switch Tas and Trey’s seats), or use it for highlights, videos, etc? Still getting used to the new format and it’s great, but I miss the videos and pictures from a year ago.

    Great job though!

    - Not Woobly O’Balls

  20. tas whats your psn?

  21. where can i snag one of those rad pek shirts!?!

  22. Why is PJ Tucker such a pleasure to watch?

  23. i missed matt’s giant orwellian head during crossfire.

  24. From the Pek shirt to the T-rex doesn’t like push ups shirt, you can always count on Tas to be styling. Any chance we will see some Moo Milk Bar shirts in the future?

  25. Sharp show guys, sharp as a freshly bought Chapel St business shirt. Also loving the new Youtube vid feed look. Maybe Leigh can play some “Something for Kate” background music over his Kate ratings. Set the romantic scene.

  26. Not to be an idiot, but where do we send questions? Just twitter?

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