Ballin: 23 points and 15 rebounds for DeMarcus Cousins, who also went 10-16 from the field. Two steals and two blocks too, so that’s cool.

Not so much: Even more impressive than the Brooklyn Nets blowing a 22-point second half lead is the fact that they ended up losing by 11. That’s a 33-point swing in the course of less than 22 minutes, which is just amazing. Stunning, New Jersey-ish ineptitude. This is what happens when Jay-Z and Beyonce don’t show up.

Dunkleberries: A perennial candidate for dunk of the year, here’s J.R. Smith’s first submission.

The dunk was OK, I’d give it a 7.5 out of 10. The celebration, however, is probably a 9.7 for me. Walking in the opponents’ crowd as a silent taunt is a strong move.

Three-point facts: In his first five minutes of court time last night, Rasheed Wallace took five threes. Before missing one halfway through the fourth quarter, Paul Millsap had made his first five threes of the season.

Snatchbox 20: The Kings are pretty low on money, so in addition to coaching, Keith Smart is also the Sleep Train Arena’s janitor.

According to blogging legend Tom Ziller, that tarp that fell to the ground was one of several being used to cover up lapsed ads, all of which eventually fell off the Jumbotron. Real top-notch organization those guys are running.

Points on points on points: Not only did Miami score 98 on Phoenix through three quarters, Ray Allen also crossed the 23,000-point barrier, becoming just the 24th player in history to do such a thing. I am going to go out on a limb and guess that this is not the only time someone will do something notable scoring-wise against the Sunnies.

Playing video games: Sorry Samardo Samuels, but you can’t handle a Chris Paul crossover.

About the only good thing you can say about this play for Samardo is that he didn’t fall down. Way to have balance, man.

Game of Thruns: Big runs the Spurs had last night against the Pacers: 15-3, 11-0, 10-0, 9-0. Plus they sprinkled in a couple smaller runs (6-0, 8-3) which made for a 22-point win, incredibly notching the first 4-0 start in franchise history.

Other things: Happy birthday to O.J. Mayo, who went for 32 points and six threes on his big day. Probably had a nice cake too … Brad Miller was in the house for last night’s Kings game and he signed some lucky dude’s cast … You can be sure that the NBA season has started now that J.R. Smith got in a skirmish … Here are some old people at the Grizzlies game dancing to “Gangnam Style,” which is played literally all the time in NBA arenas … David Stern is a good commissioner but a bad play-by-play guy … I am sure something more interesting happened in the Dallas-Portland game, but all I remember seeing is Vince Carter blocking Damian Lillard’s halfcourt buzzer-beater at the end of the first quarter