Look guys, I know as well as anyone how much fun it is to hate on Nick Young for his terrible shot selection. But this shot really isn’t that bad. Hear me out.

Consider the things that led to this shot. First, the end of quarter clock is running out, so time is of the essence. Second, an inaccurate outlet pass leads to a lazy non-catch which leads to a bad pass by Dorell Wright, which Nick Young then has to save. Third, he’s in the corner with a man on him and another guy within five feet.

It’s not like Young really had a chance to catch the ball cleanly, turn and assess the clock situation, then decide what to do with the ball. As far as he knows, with his back to the court and falling out of bounds with a defender-and-a-half on him, the quarter is almost over and getting a shot up is better than not. Yeah, that’s what he always thinks, but definitely not the worst shot attempt ever. If he wasn’t a former Knucklehead Era Wizard with a history of doing dumb stuff, this is just silliness.

Besides, if he makes it, he’s the new Rex Chapman. When that’s the reward, you take any kind of crazy shot you can think of.