Ep. 865: Fix Your Gait

On Wednesday’s episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Kyle Lowry’s twisted ankle, Hasheem Thabeet’s confidence, apathetic Thunder fans, JaVale McGee’s oops (and gait), the winless Pistons, Big Baby’s ill-advised three-pointer, the fire that is Nate Robinson, and Danny Granger’s injury update.

All that, plus stale popcorn, League Pass teams, pit bands, brain transplants, Nutella, dancing Asian guys, sandals, shoes, and feet that smell like ham.


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Comments (42)

  1. great show. i miss seeing your pretty faces though

  2. Tayshaun Prince was never an all-star.

    • My bad, Jesse. The Nuggets broadcast said it last night and I didn’t really think twice about it. Got it confused with ’06 when the four Pistons starters (Ben, ‘Sheed, Rip, Chauncey) made it, and they were campaigning for all 5 to get picked.

      • He did make the ’08 Olympic Team though (as did Michael Redd).

      • Sounds like you guys need a new factchecker, since Leigh couldnt be bothered to correct this glaring error. BTW, the 4 pistons all-stars and Paul Peirce had one of my favorite nba moments. East getting blown out by 20+ as I recall before those five were subbed in and destroyed the west with D and transition points. I know most fools want all highlight dunks in the ASG, but it was refreshing to see such a strong defensive unit show how important and exciting defense can be in the NBA.

  3. tas melas should shave

  4. Great show guys. My bachelor party is on Saturday and I was wondering if you had any quick advice for me. Thanks!

  5. Shout out to Melas for name dropping the beautiful Esperanza Spalding.

  6. Damn. I was hoping I’d get a game for asking which league pass team you wouldn’t watch but they already covered that when they ripped the Pistons apart. That was the answer I was expecting anyways.

  7. ditto on the Esperanza Spalding….definitely Blazes for the home girl. News flash, Meta world peace to play a detective named Garland Finch on a cop show..watch the trailer, he’s grinning all through a funeral scene, it’s hilarious. Also no mention of President Obama playing hoops while the election results were coming in with Scottie Pippen and Randy Brown in Chicago..Pippen was on his team and they won by 20pts…Trey, I’m shocked you didn’t jump on that one!

  8. I heard that Seattle is making a push for a new franchise. New name suggestion: Seattle Superchronics. Light it up!

  9. How come you guys stopped doing the “Cool Story Bro” song (sang to the tune of 12 Days of Christmas)?

  10. If the magic kept SVG they could have pulled out the 7th or 8th seed this season.

  11. there are not alot of PC gamers, they are just a very very very loud minority.

  12. Bull shit i have Amar’e Stoudemire and Danny Granger in my Fantasy im scrwed

  13. Tim Duncan’s brain – JaVale McGee’s body

    All time -/ Russel & Wilt do a brain swap,

    • Blake Griffin’s brain into Zydrunas Ilgauskas’ body. I would love to see Big Z give someone the cold stare down after draining an open 18 footer.

      Or KG’s brain into Dikembe Mutombo’s body. Imagine Mutombo incessantly talking trash like a psychopath all game in his trademark Dikembe voice.

  14. Thunder fans have mellowed a bit for one of two reasons: a) They have higher expectations now that they’ve sniffed a chip or b) On the heels of the Harden move, they’ve come to a sobering realization that their franchise is a business 1st and team 2nd.

  15. Let’s get Sting playing at the Hornets games.

  16. Nutella? I didn’t have the time to watch the whole thing (or listen) so, I feel lucky to jump right to the point when Melas talks about the nutella patella. Yeah, who doesn’t like the best chocolate hazelnut spread in the world?

  17. i think KG’s brain in LeBron would be incredible, Jordan’s brain in Wilt for all-time

  18. On the League Pass question: If you’re just trying to get the early-bird price, you can buy League Pass Choice, but you don’t have to pick all 5 of your teams right away. You can pick one or two you *know* you want and add others as it comes clear they’re worth watching!

  19. Nice new video set up. Looks like Michael Mann is the new Director of The Basketball Jones. If “Heat” had had a “Basketball Video Blog” scene that’s what it would look like!


  20. voting made me forget about you guys yesterday. just wanted to give mad props to pc nba 2k. we don’t get all the official content, but the fan-made content and the cheaper price make it worthwhile.

  21. i think tas’ beard needs to be the victim of a bookoff at some point. if he wins, skeets can try to grow facial hair for a month.

  22. One brain swap I didn’t get to include: Steve Nash’s brain in to Rajon Rondo’s head. If Rondo practiced his shot as much as Nash did, how good a shooter could he be?

  23. Re: League Pass. ABC is a broadcast channel in the States, so us non-cable people will get all those Heat-Celtics and Thunder-Lakers games they’ll televise in April, after the NCAA tourney is over.

  24. i just imagine mcgee being the kind of guy who eats mcdonalds 3 times (or more) a day. hes mcgassed

  25. i only recently discovered tbj, but i’m so glad i did. you guys are awesome.

  26. happy birthday (for yesterday) JD!

  27. Brain swap…Andre Miller’s brain with Damien Lillards body

  28. Speaking of the best passing big men, Monroe put on a clinic tonight. 11 dimes!

  29. I’d also enjoy a primetime Kobe – primetime MJ brainswap, just to see what happens.
    to construct yourself the ultimate player you’d probably have to brainswap nash and LBJ. that would probably be fun. maybe LeSteve could even be bothered to play defense. or not, who cares, he would be completely unstoppable. come to think of it, maybe chris paul would be an even better choice… but he’s not quite as deadly a shooter, so i’ll stick with nash.

  30. I loved that 1999 Magic team…
    Bo Outlaw and Ben Wallace playing together?
    Oh man, those were some low scoring games!

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