Bro. Hey bro. You tired of ugly babes giving you the cold shoulder when you’re trying to vibe in the club? Women are cray cray, man. For realio. Totes wack.

So let’s catch a Knicks game instead, homeslice. Check out some sweet dudes gettin’ their game on, basketball styley.

Now I know what you’re thinking, “Why would we ditch out on some beautiful babies who are ready to party?” And I hear you, bro. But here’s the thing, dog. Let’s say we do this game and get our Jason Kidd on, get our Kurt Thomas on, get our Marcus Cambalamb on, just get some solid bro time in and let the night come to us. Then what? Then we’re money. So money. Jeremy Lin money.

Whoops. Sorry I mentioned him. I know you’re still mad about that. My bad, bro.

But for reals, I’m sure we’ll find some fly honeys after the Knicks game anyways. You know how we do. Let’s do this Knicks game up big time. Wolf Pack for life.

(via Darren Brovell)

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  1. Dolan is also telling me that I’m too much of a nerd to get in the club:

  2. These ads are terrible. “You’re a loser, so stay home and watch the Knicks”

  3. Not sure TK read the ad.

  4. So Money, sounds like a celebraish

  5. Yeah, it’s not even telling you to go out to watch the Knicks, but to stay in and watch them on TV (which is what I do anyway(

  6. For realio. Totes wack, homeslice. ??


  7. Why stay home and watch a past his prime old guy who recently slammed his car into a pole and some overpaid narcassist who broke his hand on a fire hydrant and when I could be seeing either of those things out? For free. Exactly. Your move Dolan.

  8. running out of things to be outraged about? Who gives a flying f*ck about this ad? The fact that it had to be taken down just shows people’s energy and efforts are woefully misguided.

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