There once was a man named DeQuan
Who hooped with a man named E’Twaun
In Orlando they stayed
On the Magic they played
A team they both started on

In the Summer of Twelve, to the Magic they came
Both being unique of first name
Dwight Howard was gone
But there were the “Awns”
Hoping to garner acclaim

‘Twas the Suns against whom they debuted
Sporting the Magic’s white, black and blue
A win for the road
Some promise they showed
Though DeQuan’s points were just two

Hope still remains, that their names shall live on
Like before them, guys like LeBron and MarShon
To make them feel loved
Like a gentle peace dove
The Magic added Gustavo Ayon

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  1. Ahhh, it’s nice to know the spirit of the Blowtorch lives on.

  2. How about Leigh Ellis recite this on the show tomorrow?

  3. Gustavo ayooooooooooooooon…tas melas shout OUT!

  4. Nice.

    “Your comment was a bit too short. Please go back and try again.” – WordPress

    It’s called being succinct. Bitch.

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