Ballin: 28 points on 10-17 shooting for Arron Afflalo, including three threes, five assists, five rebounds, a block and a steal. Wonder if Kendrick Lamar is re-jealous of him.

Not so much: Charlie Villanueva played for the first time this season, notching a whopping 4.4 seconds of first half action. And though you might think that’s not enough time to earn himself another benching, but you’d be wrong.

Welcome friend: Jonas Valanciunas has been officially baptized in to the NBA.

Is it more or less embarrassing that The Big Volcano cowered away from getting dunked on at the very last second? On one hand, he might have saved himself a broken arm. On the other hand, kind of a sissy move.

Pock blarty: Thus far, the league is averaging 6.3 blocks per game. That makes the Bulls seven blocks last night pretty good, which makes the Thunder’s nine blocks really good, which makes the Nuggets’ 11 blocks super excellent high-five time.

Repertoire: This should be the entirety of JaVale McGee’s offensive game.

Seriously, he should only be allowed to one-handed dunk, two-handed dunk, alley-oop dunk and tip dunk. Anything else should be explicitly banned by George Karl, the league office and the state of Colorado. They’ve been in to some progressive stuff lately, so it’s not that far-fetched.

Video request: Someone please find Hasheem Thabeet getting snipered after making a nice steal. I very much enjoyed that.

Spacehog: In the meantime, just enjoy Kendrick Perkins getting his gum chew on.

Easily the angriest anyone has ever been while chewing gum.

LEFT!: The Orlando Magic shot five airballs in the first half of last night’s game. Good to see they’ve found a way to replace Dwight Howard.

Other things: Perry Jones wears a VERY tight v-neck t-shirt when he’s sitting on the Thunder bench. We’re talking American Apparel tight. Kind of a weird look in the NBA … Also, on Perry Jones’ first possession last night, he threw a pass that got tipped, was the inbound guy after that and threw another pass that got tipped, then threw another pass that got picked off, all on the same possession. All in all, a winning night for Pajamas 3 … DeMar DeRozan took home the shoe game championship last night, rocking a pair of the Air Jordan XIII in the white-and-black colorway … Yeah, it’s cool that Scottie Pippen got to hoop with Obama yesterday, but why is no one mentioning that Randy Brown was there too? Oh, it’s because he’s Randy Brown … The Bulls missed three free throws with 99 points last night, then Joakim Noah chucked up a three that missed hard off the glass by about four feet. Sorry about the no Big Macs, Chicago, but that was hilarious