It’s OK, Raptor fans. Paying Landry Fields $6.25 million a year is fine because it means the Knicks won’t be able to afford signing Steve Nash, which greases the tracks for his eventual signing in Toronto. Playing the way he has thus far isn’t worth a tenth of what he’s owed, but it’s worth it to have a Hall of Fame point guard in the lineup.

Oh … right. At least he’s funny in interviews.

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  1. in my mind, i punched a hole in the wall on that play… my mind….

    Raps fans, it will take some time to get respect….but how can we get respect if these are the plays we produce?

    Durant gives a little shake and gets touched, boom, foul….lowry gets manhandled….no foul….play on… respect….gotta earn it raps….gotta work hard like durant did….westbrook did…..

  2. Landry really needs to thank Steve Nash for all that money. Maybe take him out for a steak or get him tickets to a Knicks game.

  3. Raptor fans need to stop hating on Fields.
    Yes, he is not producing after 3 games… FG% is low, not getting any points but he is guarding the opponent’s main guy and that’s his role

    Give the guy a break and show some support.. it won’t help if his confidence is low already and that we’re bashing him after every single crap game he has.

    Even the best players have botched layups or dunks… so what?

    Hopefully he plays better with Calderon on the floor since Calderon actually looks to pass and create for others. Give him a few games to adjust with the new team and to find his role..

  4. Give me SOME RAPTOR NEWS!

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