Ep. 866: Twitter Beef

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap a busy night in The Association. Topics discussed include DeAndre Jordan’s best game as a pro, Eric Bledsoe’s potential, Jeremy Lin turnovers, Iggy’s defense on Harden, D-Wade introducing Shengelia to the league, big shot Rondo, and how many games Kings rookie Thomas Robinson will be suspended for elbowing Jonas Jerebko in the throat. DAMN!

All that, plus we introduce a new segment called “Twitter Beef,” featuring Mavericks owner Mark Cuban and billionaire blowhard Donald Trump.


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Comments (33)

  1. Need tighter fitting outfit on Trey to determine current weight situation.

  2. No link to the youtubes?

  3. Just checked iTunes and it’s not available yet.

    • Hey Beez, It’s been up on iTunes since noon. Enjoy.

      • “Fix Your Gait” is the most recent one available when I go to iTunes. Maybe it’s something on my end. Oh well, Dresden Files will have to do for lunch. Thanks anyways, Matty.

        • It’s probably because you’re not subscribed and you’re searching for the podcast. Takes a while to show up in search mode, but shows up immediately if you subscribe.

  4. I think the youtube video is usually up around noon, eastern time. Apparently, they are still having some technical kinks.

  5. twitter beef segment was pretty meh

  6. Hey guys, it’s audio only on thescore.com/tbj…does one need itunes to watch the show now or am I going to the wrong site to access it on the net?

  7. Would like a url that links to the video…11am west coast time here. do we need to wait until 6pm here to access the video?

  8. Why are there no basketball highlights from the previous nights games on the score???????????

  9. WOW i love the tweeter beef thingy thing!! that was awesome… will it take over the pun gun game?

  10. Twitter beef is awesome. There’s something about reading all the punctuation aloud… #funny

  11. I am a little out of the loop but why are TBJ not hosting Court Surfing anymore. Awful.

    • The television and digital divisions of Score were split up when Rogers bought out the TV side (and by extension, Court Surfing). TBJ is with the digital side.

  12. I loved in Twitter Beef that Matt read all the hashtags in kind of an Oprah voice.

  13. At the beggining of the video it says November 5th!

  14. Seems like u guys got the shaky cam dudes from the bourne movies?

  15. 5X5 A.K.A El Cinco

  16. i cant tell if your shirt is stupider than your hair, or vice versa.

  17. Still not showing in iTunes here in Aus.
    its usually up first thing in the morning (our time), it 1pm and nothing.

  18. The Sactown Kings are the Kings of the headband just for Isaiah Thomas. He is one sexy little muscle hamster with a headband.

  19. Why is Skeets the only member wearing a poppy? Where’s the love for the vets from the rest of TBJ?

  20. the show is not available on itunes (poland), and cant be found on my podcast thingys. NOW THIS SUCKS

  21. Not a big fan of twitter beef, BRING CHUCK D LEAGUE BACK PLS!!!

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