We are living in an NBA age of swaggy off-court style, where there are few things more important than having a solid podium game. Bizarrely, that need to stand out has led to most of the league’s big name players dressing the exact same, from the lensless glasses to the fancy shirts to the colorful pants. It’s all samey samey, but that’s what’s happening.

But not for the Bulls’ Jimmy Butler. Thanks to a look he picked up in college out of spite, Butler might be the league’s only urban cowboy. From Chicago RedEye:

“When I was at Marquette, everyone kept calling me ‘country’ and saying I had cows in my backyard and stuff like that,” said Butler, who’s averaging 4.5 points in 14 minutes per game this season. “So I was like, OK, you wanna call me a cowboy? I’ll show y’all a cowboy.

“So I started wearing Wranglers, cowboy boots, hats, the belt buckles, all of that good stuff. And now that I’m here in Chicago, my teammates know that I love country music. They know that I own a guitar. So I figured why not play into the stereotype?”

Turning yourself in to a cowboy is kind of a weird response to people calling you “country,” but if he’s in to it that’s cool. I’ve heard a nice pair of cowboy boots can be super comfortable. It’s a different kind of look, one that only Karl Malone has ever really tried to pull off to mixed results, but it’s good to see someone trying something different.

And if it somehow results in Nate Robinson dressing like a cowboy, even better.

Nate Robinson, Butler’s closest friend on the team, is open to wearing cowboy gear, but with conditions.

“I told him I’ll wear the cowboy stuff one day, but he’s got to wear Jordans and stuff that I like. And I told him, if I wear the cowboy gear, I’m going hard. I need the boots, the big belt buckle, the button-up shirt tucked in, the hat, the straw. See, he doesn’t do that; he does it half-ass. He’s a half-ass cowboy. I’m going all the way with it.”

Yeah, tiny Nate Robinson dressed as a full-on tiny cowboy is the best possible result of Jimmy Butler deciding to dress like a cowboy back in college. Is it destiny that Butler would start dressing like that then eventually befriend Nate and convince him to do a clothes swap? I don’t know, but it sure feels like it.