As we all know, Shane Battier is the NBA player most likely to go in to politics, the most advanced stats-driven defender in the league, the most David Letterman-grinned wing around, a progenitor of the wrinkly head look and a guy who does way more than the box score could ever tell you. If Shane Battier were a geometry proof — p.s. Shane Battier would love to be a geometry proof — these things would be the givens.

But here is a new fact for you to consider, though I’d argue you probably already thought it was true — Shane Battier is the league’s best “Jeopardy!” player at the power forward position. At least according to Shane Battier. From ESPN’s Tom Haberstroh:

“I’m undersized every night, but I like to think I’m quicker in the mind,” Battier said. “If we’re playing Jeopardy, I like my chances against any power forward in the league. Print that.”

There is literally only one way to prove this bold proclamation true and that’s by hosting a “Jeopardy!” tournament with every power forward in the NBA entered. Considering some of the hilarity that has come from having former NBA players on history’s greatest game show, I think this sounds like a brilliant idea.

And when you think about it, I do think Battier would be the favorite in a league-wide power forward “Jeopardy!” showdown. Nick Collison would be a pretty strong challenger, and I have a feeling that Chris Bosh is nerdy enough to be the kind of guy who is really in to quiz shows, but Battier just seems like the kind of guy who would be good at “Jeopardy!”. Pau Gasol and Tim Duncan could be good too, though we’d have to check their positional eligibility.

This needs to happen. It’d take like three weeks to film an entire run of power forward shows — these guys have enough time in the summer for that, plus it would give them time to prepare during road trips and stuff like that. Someone call Alex Trebek and ask him in the form of a question if this is possible. Hopefully the answer is “What is yes?”.