Ballin: Blake Griffin (22 and 10) and DeAndre Jordan (20 and 11) became the first pair of Clippers teammates to have 20-10 games in the same non-overtime game since Corey Maggette and Elton Brand did it back in 2006. Even more impressive, they both played less than 30 minutes. And even more impressive than that, the AP called them “high-flying dunkmeisters,” which is groovy baby, yeah!

Not so much: On a night of 13 games, I chose to watch two blowouts (Miami-Brooklyn and San Antonio-Los Angeles Clippers) and a Kings-Pistons game, so I’ll take the L here. Another non-notable is the Pacers giving up 18 straight fourth quarter points to the Hawks to turn a 14-point lead in to a 4-point deficit. Almost as bad as my performance last night.

Tweensies: Jamal Crawford, who just started practicing dribbling and shooting this summer at the age of 32, got Nando de Colo pretty bad.

Now that Jeff Van Gundy has said it, I think the term “nutmeg” has jumped the shark. Let soccer have it back. We’ll call between-the-legs dribbles “Tinsleys” from now on.

Definitive: Here’s a description you don’t want read after your team has played a game — “No matter how hard they tried, the Charlotte Bobcats couldn’t stop Shannon Brown.” He hit six threes, which is about 10 percent of his expected makes for any given season, so that’s not good.

Losers: Both the Wizards and Pistons found ways to stay winless, despite playing winnable games. The Wiz couldn’t pull off an overtime victory following a Chris Singleton dunk (weird) to send things to overtime (weirder) because Brandon Bass scored five points in the extra period (weirdest). The Pistons, meanwhile, wasted Greg Monroe’s first career triple-double — and the franchise’s first since Chauncey Billups in 2004 — because they’re the sort of team that has to run plays to get Kyle Singler 3-point attempts when they’re down four.

Bump, bump, bump: Tyrone Corbin has never been a big B2K fan.

Come on, Tyrone Corbin. Your team just destroyed the Lakers, forcing them in to 18 turnovers and holding them to 34 percent shooting, and you can’t give Randy Foye some solid chest bump action? Wack. Live it up, man. Sweat through that suit.

Comedown: Looks like the Rockets have fallen back to Earth, which is a killer space pun. They lost their second straight game last night, while having only Patrick Patterson (8-13) and Cole Aldrich (1-2) make at least half of their shots. Plus, Jeremy Lin turned in the weakest near 5×5 performance of the season, notching six points, five rebounds, six assists, and six steals without recording a block. He missed seven of nine shots too, so I guess that’s technically a 5×5.

Salute at ease: Derrick Williams’ favorite Juvenile song is “Follow Me Now.”

Personally, I’m a “Ha” fan, but this is a good choice. Also a good dunk.

Speaking of: For some reason, it was a really good night for dunks, so let’s run through a bunch of them. Al-Farouq Aminu caught a very far alley-oop, but Kenneth Faried’s was a bit further. Lou Williams threw one down pretty hard. Here’s a LeBron-to-Wade oop and a Wade-to-LeBron oop (and a LeBron layup off a beautiful Mario Chalmers pass for good measure). DeMarcus Cousins got Jason Maxiell. Matt Bonner barely avoided being Mozgoved by Blake Griffin, which is maybe the best of about nine million Clippers dunks. Pretty much the only person who was denied a dunk was Larry Sanders.

Other things: Don’t look now but the Golden State Warriors are tied for the second-most wins in the Western Conference, which is something I’m sure will hold up over the season … Couple of Mavs highlights — an O.J. Mayo crossover and a Vince Carter block. The Raptors wings are Jorge Garbagejosa … Four teams scored less than 80 points last night, which is gross. The grossest is either the Hornets’ 62 points or the Nets’ 73, which came in a 30-point loss where they shot 3-21 from three … Quoth Bill Simmons: “I looooooooove body language” … Shoutout to Tornike Shengelia for getting his first NBA playing time and getting DESTROYED by Dwyane Wade