My favorite part of LeBron totally blowing this easy slam is how confused about it he is, like he’s trying to understand how his brain could just stop working for a split second. Look at him, looking around and then meekly setting down the ball while definitely feeling a little embarrassed. Really funny. Great miss.

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  1. Lebron travelled

  2. He’ll never amount to anything in this league.

  3. Useless. Time to cancel his contract and ship him to the Nuggets.


  4. LOL at the big willy style beat that drops at the end

  5. This was the best defence the Nets played all game…

  6. It almost looked like he was having an existential crisis.

  7. I hope he was just acting when he got called for travel. I’d find it very weird if he didn’t know that was a travel.

  8. Airballing the dunk? You’re a moron, Trey… even if his brain did stop working for a moment, YOU wouldn’t know how that feels, since your brain apparently NEVER really works, you retarded fuck…

    p.s.: I don’t even like LeBron

  9. Hey easy there, you mad, bro?

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