*In case you were wondering, yes, we recorded this before the Mike Brown news. Murphy’s law.*

Join The Jones on the sonic journey that is The Overdose!

On today’s hour-long Overdose, The Jones discuss the Lakers’ slow start and whether it’s time to panic; Danny Granger’s knee injury and what it means for the Pacers; if the undefeated Knicks are for real; guys who need more minutes; Zach Lowe’s “5 Percent Theory” article; and President Obama’s NBA-cabinet.

All that, plus a thousand-and-one Twitter shout-outs, warm Vegemite, the controversial New York Knicks’ ads, a solid bounce-back week for the ol’ Pun-Gun, Steve Blake, L.A. Gear, and some pick-up basketball.


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Comments (45)

  1. Javale McGee needs more than 18 MPG . He’s the winner here guys.

  2. Heard the phrase “Pop Quiz”, was disappointed it wasn’t a Popovich pun with angry dismissive answers.


  4. I don’t know if you guys have seen this or not.. But ESPN just reported that Mike Brown has been fired



  6. asi i listen to this i read that brown was fired. total panic mode

  7. Get on east coast time, Lakers front office. Really messin’ with our flow.


  9. My Secretary of the Treasury? Beyonce. She knows how to handle those Bills, Bills, Bills

  10. Stan Van Gundy for Lakers headcoach LOL

  11. Metta World Peace for Secretary of Defense. I think his name says it all.

  12. Leigh was right guys. $25,000 X 41 games = $1,025,000 per season

  13. who’s the biggest mehmet okur fan?

    mammoth okur

  14. Chris Kamen a real american! (says TK) plays for Germany internationaly.

  15. I still have to giggle every time I hear Tas’ “tweet of the week. wow” thingy… It’s seriously the best thing ever.

    • I think the “What if Obama was single?” tweet was referring to how much he would have gotten laid after the election night victory party if he didn’t have the wife and kids.

  16. Mike Brown out after 5 games. Jesus is jim buss a secret steinbrenner?

  17. Mike D the next coach? …BTW, where’s the video?

  18. News Flash! Howard gets another coach fired. Stan Van Gundy applying for the job!

  19. Why would you pick anyone to run this country other than the Spurs front office. The undisputed best organization would clearly help lead the US.

    Energy: Matt Bonner – Alternative Energy is the wave of the future, and there is no more Alt/Indy NBA player than the red rocket
    Defense: Bruce Bowen – one of the best defenders, and one who isn’t afraid to punk someone who is being a dick
    Education: Coach Pop – even helps teach reporters their job, and vocaublary
    State: Tim Duncan – the anchor and leader of a very international team would make a great person to help the US work with other countries
    Treasury: RC Buford – seas value in and capitalizes on resources others look over

  20. I totally lost it in the beginning when Tas said, “A little tug, a little jack and you’re done.”

  21. I enjoyed Trey’s GASP when talking about Secretary of State. I think he that he was anticipating hearing “Brad Miller”.

  22. Can’t believe that Deshawn Stevenson didn’t get picked for Secretary of the Treasury. Somebody’s got to explain how ATMs work.

  23. Leigh could’ve gone a step further with his NBA champ pun.
    Who are going to play in the NBA finals this year? The Mehmet-i Heat and the Okur-lahoma Thunder.

  24. Tas, Leigh missed a mistake today…Ni Hao is Mandarin, not Cantonese. Cantonese is Li Hou…

  25. Secretary of treasury has to be Rashard Lewis, he got more money for less effort than anyone in the league.

  26. Attorney general has to be Rasheed Wallace, he’ll argue everything no matter the outcome and he knows he’s right!

  27. And I might just have to have the Globetrotters across the board as Secretary of State because they are the Ambassadors of Goodwill around the world

  28. They should make Kobe the first NBA coach will still playing in the league. Worth a try.

  29. hmmmm. All of your critic on the knicks seem to be pretty positive. Guys looking for teammates, great defense, Amare and Shump injured at this point who would be starters. They will be good, you see…

  30. Matt can you tell me where these awesome drops are from. Especially “New York in da house” and that Utah jazz drop. Thanks in advance.

  31. Long-term Lance Jackson is more valuable to the Lakers than Steve Blake.

  32. What’s Mehmet’s favorite card game? No Mehmet Poker.

  33. Shane feels totally snubbed by all y’all.

  34. Secretary of Defense – Thibs
    Secretary of Treasury – DeShawn since he has that ATM in his house
    Secretary of Ed – Lin
    Secretary of Energy – Jazz owners for Energy Solutions Arena
    Secretary of State – Joakim

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