Ballin: We have just witnessed the greatest two day stretch of basketball in DeAndre Jordan’s life. He had that big 20 points, 11 rebounds and four blocks night on Wednesday against the Spurs, then followed it up last night with 21 points, eight rebounds and a block. Considering he’s scored 20 or more only four other times in his career, we should all realize how lucky we are to be living in this prestigious era.

Not so much: Ronnie Price fouled out in just 15 minutes of playing time. That’s a solid 14.4 fouls per 36 minutes and the second-fastest foulout of the season.

OK sure: Weirdly highlight free night of ball, but here’s Meyers Leonard putting his financial papers aside and throwing down a couple of dunks.

Good job at jumping.

Emulation: Another nice play that only gets highlight qualification because not much happened — Kevin Durant’s Dirk Nowitzki fadeaway to ice the Thunder’s win against the Bulls.

Reggie said it: And I quote, “I hate to be critical, especially of veteran players, but Carlos Boozer the last two plays — very soft defense.”

He is right about Carlos Boozer, but why does he hate to be critical, especially of veteran players? It is literally his job to say if someone did something wrong. He gets paid a lot of money to do exactly that. Such a herb.

Sit down, man: I saw Taj Gibson grab a rebound last night while sitting on the ground. It really happened.

Umm…: This is Deron Williams’ face when asked about MarShon Brooks’ defense.

Seems about right.

Other things: Other than the 9-1 run, the 6-0 run, the 10-4 run and being outscored 31-19 in total, the Bulls played great in the fourth quarter … Starting at the 9:11 mark in the second quarter, the Thunder made 19 straight free throws and went 20-21 on the night … 10 three-point attempts for Nicolas Batum last night, after just eight in the Blazers’ first four games. He made three, so maybe go back to two a game … Cool banked corner three, Luke Babbitt … T.I. is doing color commentary for the Hawks tonight, so I guess you could say KING BACK