Ep. 868: Pringles!

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss the Lakers hiring Mike D’Antoni over Phil Jackson, as well as list their winners and losers of the NBA weekend. Thumbs up for the Grizzlies, Kirilenko’s late-game smarts, American headbands, and T.I. on the Hawks-/Heat call. Thumbs down for this entire DeMarcus Cousins suspension, Andris Biedrins’ free-throw attempts, and the worst in-game contestant of all-time.

All that, plus A.D., camping, a new human victory cigar, and the first #LOCKITIN of the young season.


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  1. okay just have to say, FINALLY someone acknowledges how close the suns were to winning a title and that the whole argument about “you can’t win titles with the d’antoni system” is bullshit. If joe johnson doesn’t break his face? If amare/diaw don’t get suspended in a crucial game during a playoffs where the suns are arguably the best team? (Or if jrich blocks out artest on a kobe miss, though I think that was under gentry) the suns had a very, very good chance of winning a title. Respect to you guys for calling it like it is, that’s why I listen to you all (that … and your awesome canadian humor)

    • Mmmmmmmmm yes mention the suspensions over me david stern giggles into the cold dark night.

    • If you look over jason richardson shoulder on that kobe miss you can see our seven footer sitting his ass on the bench. Makes sense

  2. Not a bunch of crap Tas, sorry. his teams ranked 23rd or lower in defensive efficiency each year he coached. It’s based on statistics, not just something someone made up.

  3. Last year they were ranked 28th in defense, btw

    • Not sure what stats you are referring to, TJ.

      Like I said on the show, the Knicks were 10th in defensive efficiency the day he was let go. They finished 5th.

      They ranged from 15th to 20th in his Suns days.

      • My bad. I meant points per game allowed.

        • got them at basketball-reference

          • Wouldn’t a team that spends less time on its own offensive possessions naturally allow more opportunities for the opposition to score? Thereby, you know, allowing more total points per game, even if they are middle-of-the-road efficiency wise?

  4. Dwight’s jersey isn’t the only one that’s getting tighter. #treysize

  5. I love Sean Elliott as an anouncer, then again I am a Spurs fan.

  6. Maybe that contestant at the raps game was a plant to make the raptors second quarter performance not look so bad..

  7. sean elliot isnt too bad really. the black guy that does the cavs, rockets, and the warriors announcers are pretty bad too. and i watch league pass on mute for the celtics announcers. always sounds like they pregamed the telecast.

  8. Between the broke-ass Casey Kasem & the old Italian guy that adds absolutely nothing worthwhile, the Heat announcers are by far the worst

    • Seconded. “Coach” Fiorentino is about as lame as it gets. TI would be an improvement.

  9. I know the lakers had to cut the potato to get to the pringles, but at what cost???

  10. D’Antoni-Duhon revival tour!!!!

  11. Surprised no one mentioned the Clippers announcers. They are the worst.
    They lack a basic knowledge of almost anything. From stupid comments about players (like the Hadadi Iranian comment) to basic geography (“he’s not from the Georgia you’re thinking of, he’s from the Georgia in Russia)

  12. GUYS!!!

    I was at the Raptors game Saturday and I can’t stop telling everyone about the guy who said Seattle instead of Las Vegas…then I felt badly for the guy thinking maybe he’s dyslexic?? Still hilarious though!

  13. Is it just me or does it take forever for the podcast to get up on iTunes nowadays? I always just grab it through my iPod over wifi and it seems like the podcasts don’t get up until late afternoon or the evening nowadays. This is just in the last week or so as they used to go up much faster. I was wondering if it has anything to do with the switch to everything on the audio only feed.

    • No, it’s not just you. This is an iTunes problem that they’ve told us they’re looking into to. If you subscribe and refresh from within your own iTunes acct, it should download even if it’s not appearing in the store. This will hopefully be solved very soon.

  14. I think Melo’s problem with D’Antoni stemmed from some jealousy at the Linsanity situation. If the Lakers offense can just tone down the turnovers and elevate the defense to average. They still up there with Miami, OKC, and San Antonio.

  15. How is Melo different to Kobe, Trey? Well Kobe has a homicidal need to win. Melo? Not so much. As far as I can tell Melo only want to be the man, and is pretty okay with being the man on a mediocre –but important– team.

  16. whoa boy dwight w/ headband looks like he’s on american gladiators

  17. no way is jim barnett a homer – he may want to see the warriors win, but he is always SUPER critical of their mistakes – i think he would be a better head coach than mark jackson…

  18. Wow, don’t think you guys get Elliott at all. His whole schtick is more like ironic homerism. He’s well aware of the way he comes off sometimes, and correspondingly there’s a whole wink/nod thing happening the whole time. Elliott also has some of the more hilarious turns of phrase of any color guy, as well as more energy and off-the-cuff insight than 3/4 of the uber-wooden ex-athlete guys in the league. He’s often effusive with his praise of non-Spurs players, as well as occasionally relentless with his mocking of Spurs players who get beat off the dribble, posterized, miss defensive assignments, etc. Frankly, guys like Cousins, who have no perspective about how they earn their living–and who get all bent out of shape over the verbiage of people off the court –ought to have their egos checked every now and then, especially when their first thought is tough-guy confrontation and posturing. That shit is what’s bad for the league, not Elliott’s glib/silly commentary I watched the game and didn’t hear Elliott say anything insulting at all–he was making a commentary about tit for tat trash talking and on-court response from Timmy.

  19. The real question nobody is asking about this Cousins situation is how in the hell NOBODY on the King’s staff stopped him.

    “Hey guys, have you seen DeMarcus? He’s usually in the locker room by now.”

    “Hey coach, he’s still waiting on the court for the Spurs’ postgame show to be done. He wants to confront Sean Elliot.”

    “Sounds good to me! That can’t end poorly!”

    The suspension is stupid regardless of what Boogie said, but the fact that nobody stopped Boogie from doing it just underscores that the Kings organization is continually setting DMC up to fail.

  20. i find it strange that you’re ok with tommy, but not with sean. both are homers, but there’s a mean streak to tommy that really pisses me off. he’s utterly fucking humourless most of the time, and if it’s not going the celtics way, he becomes surly and angry, and not in any loveable way. the loveable drunk uncle? good grief.

    and 100% what pheaston said above about sean. at least he has fun.

    (yes, i’m a spurs fan)

  21. Bob Fitzgerald is THE WORST. Sean Elliot is Clyde Frazier compared to the Warriors crew.

    Beside when did Skeets watch Warriors home game last time?

  22. Is Skeets okay? Does he have some fever or illness. he was sweating and shining like a pig? Or is it that hot in your little kaboof there?

  23. dats what i’m talking bout Tas , give me some hornets news ….. HORNETS HERE DEY COME

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