Ballin: 23 points, 18 rebounds, three assists, two steals and three blocks for Dwight Howard, who wore one of those starred up headbands as a part of the NBA celebrating Veterans Day. I’m not positive, but it might have been Dwight’s first NBA game wearing a headband. Looking at the results, he should wear one all the time.

Not so much: After a 2-0 start that saw the team score more than 100 in both games, the Orlando Magic have failed to score more than 93 in their next four games, all of which were losses. Last night’s 74 against the Nets comes just two days after scoring 68 (also against the Nets), and I am starting to think that Orlando is maybe starting to miss Mr. Headbands A Make Her Dance up there.

Ruuu-deee, Ruuu-deee: This is a very big dunk.

That Chris Bosh non-jump reminds me very much of this Chris Bosh non-jump. King of the non-jumps, this guy.

What the Ell?: Seven threes and a career-high 25 points for Wayne Ellington. Party time, excellent.

Highlight factory: I don’t want this to turn in to The Grizzlies Jones, but they were just making plays all over the place.

That is maybe the first block by a guy who looks like Carlos Boozer during the 2012-13 season. Don’t check the stats, just trust that it feels right.

Cousin Tone: The Clippers’ second unit scored 35 of their team’s 89 points yesterday and they’re averaging about 41 a game and that bench squad is probably my favorite team to watch. So fast, so fun.

Bank: Russell Westbrook, from way downtown Oklahoma City, over by Cattlemen’s Steakhouse.

Kevin Durant said that shot was 80 percent luck and 20 percent skill, but I kind of think he’s being too kind, even though he’d know as good as anyone what percent goes in to making a far shot.

Reclamations: After rescuing Hasheem Thabeet’s career as a human meme, the Thunder have set their sights on Daniel Orton. He got his first playing time of the season yesterday, blocking a shot and making a layup in the course of four seconds. He’s now averaging 36 points and 18 blocks per 36 minutes with a PER of 63.4, so I’m thinking MVP.

Other things: Mike D’Antoni is the new coach of the Lakers and we’re going to talk about it on the show fo sho. But for now, enjoy some highlights dating back to his Italy days … Really wish we could get a moving pictures look at this pregame dunk from DeAndre Jordan … Speaking of Jordans, Blake Griffin’s new shoe deal seems to be paying off as he took the court in concord XIs yesterday … Can’t wait until we see the meme behind this picture … If you happen to have video of Jamal Crawford making a between-the-legs layup that didn’t count after a foul during yesterday’s game, hook me up