It’s been seven games and Jamal Crawford has already gone between Nando de Colo’s legs and his own, so who is next? Hard to tell, but if he’s really looking to make a splash, he should try to pull it on a coach who’s standing too close to the court. If there’s anybody out there who could pull it off, he’s the one.

(via Oskar Jamtander)

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  1. Who next? Duh! Between-the-wheels bounce pass on a Kia, to a flying Blake.

  2. stupid dope…
    I’ve been posting Crawford’s ankle breaking antics on
    check it out

  3. That was nice. Dude’s the NBA’s Beatrix Kiddo the way he’s crossing ankles off his list.

  4. Coaches standing too far onto the court has become a pet peeve of mine. They fine for everything else, they should start fining this, too.

  5. Between a ref’s legs would definitely be possible.

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