On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss LeBron’s second-half performance, Chris Bosh slippin’ picks and grabbin’ boards, Lin and Harden, Rondo as Jason Kidd 2.0, the Bulls’ closing line-up, so much FREE BASKETBALL in Toronto, and Rick Adelman’s resilient (and banged up) Timberwolves.

All that, plus the Sixers and Pacers’ playoff chances, the next coach to receive a pink slip, and other holiday-themed headbands we’re looking forward to.


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  1. So if you had cameras today, why no video link?

  2. What are your guys favorite dunks off all time? My personal favorite is the time Dwight tapped the ball of the backboard with his left hand and dunked it with his right.

  3. The Pistons announcers were going on about how Westbrook travelled last night as he the it off the defender. Huge homers.

  4. Kind of a random question, but I keep forgetting this – which day do the guys answer some questions from the mailbox? Was it Wednesday? So we should send in our letters starting from now? And was it tbj@thescore.com? Thanks.

    • Yeah, we dip into the mailbag on Wednesdays (tomorrow). You’ve got the correct email address — send ‘em in.

      • Wow, my first comment here ever and I get a reply from Skeets. Thanks, man. I’m a huge NBA addict (check out my youtube channel by clicking on my username if you don’t believe me, I’m truly an addict) who’s wondering how the hell I hadn’t found out about this podcast before this season started.

  5. A couple post-game Pek quotes I wanted to share with everybody. After spraining his ankle:

    “I didn’t hurt nothing, just a lot of pain” – Pek

    And from Jerry Zgoda:
    Trainer Gregg Farnam carried crutches out of training room while Pek limped toward bus. “I don’t use crutches,” big Pek said


    Funny scene tonite: Pek limping out of arena on sprained ankle looks back & sees Love/Rubio getting ride on cart. “Hey guys, what about me?”


  6. Even if Derrick Rose were playing, Bradley, not Rondo would be guarding him. So I’m not sure that Rondo would’ve played much worse.

  7. In what world is Kate Beckinsale better than Kate Upton? Just Google the two. Kate Upton, is much hotter. I’m boggled by the rating system. ..I mean Kating system. Can Leigh provide some insight on how he came up with the scale and perhaps a scorecard to judge how the score is thought up…because I know it’s not something random, there’s a science behind it.

  8. will you guys ever go back to the youtube live stream again? or something like Livestream.com? because the score live stream player has always been choppy for me.

  9. Can we all wear 4/20 headbands made of hemp broooo

  10. I hope Leigh showed the crew how to eat a ‘Tim Tam Slam’…


  11. this wolves team looks really good if they manage to get all those guys together healthy..

    can you imagine rubio and shved on the floor together?

  12. it was “SHUT IT DOWN! LETS GO HOME” , not “its over”. The SHUT IT DOWN, was what made it a classic

  13. I agree with Skeets, Leigh. There’s more and more pressure to drop a Beckinsale, and sooner or later you’re going to crack, and give it to an episode that isn’t chuckly enough.

  14. How about players wearing crown of thorns at Easter.

    The ultimate tribute.

  15. maybe at Halloween, players could all wear pumpkins on their heads

    or perhaps some sort of Boris Diaw shaped Croissants pinned to jerseys for Bastille Day

    everything aight with you?
    you look like a greased bird or having malaria!
    do something about your health or ask kerbyt the frog how to not sweat while wearing a shirt, a sweater and a jacket at the same time.

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