Ballin: Believe me, I want to give mad props to DeMar DeRozan for matching his career-high in points and setting his career-high in minutes (60!), even though it was a three overtime game. I really do. Mad props. But LeBron James went for 38-10-6. That’s a great line in and of itself, but even more impressive is that 32 of those points came in the second half, tying the Heat franchise record for points in a half. Wowsers.

Not so much: In the first 5:51 of the fourth quarter, the Detroit Pistons turned an 11-point lead in to a 4-point deficit, scoring a grand total of two points in that stretch. Pretty Pistons of them.

Spinning wheel: Jason Richardson has still got it, you guys.

Sure, it wasn’t a very fast spin or a very high jump, but this is still super impressive for a 64-year-old man. If you really want to have fun though, check out Richardson’s dunk contest performances. An underrated champion and honestly one of the best dunkers of our generation.

Gargoyles: Probably my least favorite part of last night’s Bulls loss was when they missed five free throws in the last 2:47 of the game before losing by six points. I know the math doesn’t match up perfectly — five does not equal six, FYI — but I have to imagine being within a point changes the end game a little bit. Miss you, Derrick Rose.

Errybody in da club get tipsy: Where the waitress at with Andre Drummond’s drinks?

Do you think Andre Drummond looks at Hasheem Thabeet and thinks “I don’t want to be that?” Yeah, I do too.

Doopypants: The Mavericks’ least favorite part of last night’s loss to the undermanned Timberwolves was probably when Darren Collison missed a dunk that probably should have been a floater, then followed that up by boatsing a wide-open layup, which was then followed by O.J. Mayo getting ripped from behind on a fastbreak because no one screamed “(TIMBER)WOLF!” or “BEHIND YOU!” or “WATCH OUT, MAN!” Three stops, three possessions, no points.

Perfect play: Deep in his heart, this might be the ideal scenario for Russell Westbrook — a pass to himself that leads to a score.

In the NFL, this would be a completed pass and it probably would have been Steve Young who did it.

Remix: Seven Suns players scored 12 or more points in a 110-100 win over the Nuggets. Josh Smith led the Hawks in scoring with 19 points on 22 shots in a 95-87 win over the Trail Blazers. It’s like 2005-2009 all over again.

Other things: Dirk Nowitzki’s latest stint on the mic was pretty underwhelming … Jonas Valanciunas got dunked on again — this time by Marvin Williams — which seems like it’s going to happen a lot this season … Chandler Parsons had a career-high 25 points and these were probably the best two … O.J. Mayo wore his Veterans Day headband yarmulke style for the first quarter last night, before ditching it completely. He was 2-6 with it on and 5-12 without it … I am still unable to determine if this is actually true, but there is a good chance that Mike D’Antoni’s brother’s name is “Dan Tony D’Antoni” … The Dallas Mavericks cheerleaders were in tiny camo outfits last night because of the troops, duh

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  1. Richardson and Desmond Mason were incredible from 2002-2005.

  2. Dan Tony D’Antoni cannot be real life

  3. Something tells me that Jake “the Snake” Plummer actually HAS done what you correctly suggested Steve Young might do. Of course, 25 minutes of searching yielded no video confirmation. Jake Plummer’s Myth: 1, Internet: 0.

  4. He’s still got it!

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