Ep. 870: Oh, Danny Boy

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jailbird Jones discuss the Spurs and Lakers’ final plays, new point guard Kobe, Dwight’s tiny head, Tiago Splitter in the starting line-up, J.R. Smith’s hot hand, MVP ‘Melo, Magic rookies, the Cavs’ piss-poor bench, Varejao, and a little bit of a Joe Johnson breakout performance.

All that, plus some great questions about the All-Star Game format, early statistical leaders, and which guys crack TBJ’s “Mike Bibby Irrational Hate Team.”


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  1. even though in real life I am actually a pretty non-confrontational, nice person who rarely yells at anyone except when riding my bike (#weirdobrag) when it comes to sports I appear to be unsually hateful (even though “hate” is maybe too strong a term… but it’s similar to that)
    @skeets how do you not know who else to hate? don’t you at least kinda dislike e.g. carlos boozer? (doesn’t everybody?)
    but come to think about it, mostly I just hate / really dislike entire teams and, since I’m from europe, soccer players (who are way easier to hate: the douchebag ratio is just way higher).

  2. boobie gibson – i know everybody in the nba has career games (tony delk once dropped 52!!) but seeing my beloved pistons getting destroyed in the 2007 east finals by somebody named “boobie”? thats enough to secure a lifelong spot on my personal mike bibby hate team.
    plus, i really dislike guys who can do nothing but catch-and-shoot threes. so eddie house gets a honorable mention.

  3. For jerseys, can you not just make a jersey for each player on each team, I think the All-Star budget could handle it…

  4. andrea bargnani.
    what the hell are the raptor’s doing keeping him?!?
    gimme some raptor news!
    just toss him, don’t trade him, no one needs him. just get him out of the league. he’s a massive black hole in a big, dumb, doofus’ body.

    coincidentally i have a signed bargnani jersey. if no one wants to buy it, i’ll burn it and piss on the ashes.


  5. I love Varejao’s game, and his stat-line was phenomenal last night, but a HUGE contributing factor was the Humphries-Lopez front-court. They just cannot defend.

  6. My personal Mike Bibby Hate Team #1 draft pick would be Kyle Korver. This all stems from his inability to do anything defensively other than let the other team score. As a basketball fan it is painful to watch him play defense.

  7. Nate Robinson, because he ruined the dunk contest and he kind of ruins every thing

  8. I never liked Allen Iverson, but I didn’t really watch a lot of NBA during his Philly days. When I started watching the NBA 20 years ago David Robinson and Karl Malone always rubbed me the wrong way, no good reason.
    Today I can’t stand Deron Williams or Carmelo Anthony.

  9. This isn’t so much hate of a person, but more of a player…I’ve never been a fan of DeMar even though I live in Ontario and the Raps are supposed to be “our team”. Just don’t think he’ll ever be a go-to option like the rest of Canada thinks he will be.

    Also, Joakim Noah…man I wanna punch that guy in the face


  10. I irrationally hate Carmelo Anthony. It spawns from his rookie year when he would throw fits on the bench.

  11. My freshman year at UNC I told Danny Green how to use the waffle maker in the dining hall. You’re welcome, Spurs.

  12. Anybody who Dick Vitale thinks is going to be a star in the NBA who are loved by College Basketball fans who hate the NBA but who actually suck in the NBA out of the view of College Basketball fans who still think they’re great.

    Tyler Hansbrough

  13. Ira Newble
    Joakim Noah
    Paul Pierce
    Rasheed Wallace

  14. Chandler Parsons.

  15. Tyler Hansbrough, Kid gets away with murder on the court night in and night out. I wouldn’t mind seeing an old school bruiser come out and blast him 5 rows deep into the fans.

  16. I guess hating good players makes you a hater, and so then I wear my hater crown with pride. Cause I hate Kobe and Dwight, and it concerns me that everyone else doesn’t.

    • i hate them as well …

      my starting five for the all bibby hate team:

      Pau Gasol
      Paul Pierce
      Danny Granger

    • This is the ir-rational hatred. I hate Kobe, but my hatred of him is entirely rational. He’s a douche.

  17. What’s the name of the last song on the podcast after Tas’ quote?

  18. As good as he is and as much excitement as he plays with, Russell Westbrook would be on my most hated team. For one, he makes the most mind-boggling stupid decisions when the game counts, messing up defensive assignments, taking terrible shots, you name it. Second and the main reason for my hate, he is taking shots away from the best scorer in the game in Durant. There is no reason why he should, in any game, attempt more shots than KD when he shoots with a way lesser fg percentage than KD. He also doesn’t give KD the ball at the right spots. I sound like Skip Bayless saying this, but he is NOT a PG, he’s a potent SG, but he’s got to know he’s on KD’s team.

  19. the player i hate most is easily kevin garnett. he is out of his mind but he’s also really good.

  20. Ever since seeing Reggie Evans flop after being nudged by Greivis Vasquez I have had an irrational hate for Reggie even though other players also do flop that one just really annoyed me because it was ridiculous.

  21. also hate chris paul cause he’s one of the best players in the league but he’s so painfully whiny and him getting fouled is the same reaction my fish has when i take him out of the water for a second to put him in a different bowl before i clean the tank……except my fish doesnt try to start a fight with me

  22. Least favorite player: Thomas Robinson. Compelling off the court story, but a piece of shit on the court. Runners up: Cole Aldrich, Kirk Hinrich (stupid glasses), Paul Pierce (fat and a douche), Morris twins (self explanatory)

  23. Like Tas, I don’t have the irrational hate bone in my body. But if I did Brad Miller’s whiny face after calls or after losing a game might get the nod, sorry Trey! I rationally hate Wade, if I were into or good at video editing it would be so easy to be together a montage (montage!) that displays how much of a dirty spiteful person, yes person not even player that he is.

  24. Since Sasha Vujacic isn’t in the league, my irrational hate guy is Steve Novak and his unoriginal celebration. Just a little too cocky for a guy who’s been through 7 teams in 5 years, including two D-League teams.

  25. My all Bibby team :

    Kobe Bryant – he’s just a sociopath
    Evan Turner – arrogance anyone ?
    Dwight Howard – tired of this spoiled little child
    Tyler Hansbrough – see above
    Ron Artest – no I won’t use that stupid name, guy is a wrestler in a NBA uniform

    See why I don’t watch lot of Lakers games ?

  26. My irrational hate team

    Joe Johnson

    • oh that’s right I forgot I also hate jeremy lin! can’t explain it AT ALL. just don’t like him one bit.

  27. I forgot CP3 he’s a dirty little bitch

  28. Irrational hate for Rondo from the Bulls/Celtics series that had the multiple OT games. Rondo is a punk mo fo.

    • +1 on this one. Stems from the media love of him, especially from local media-types in the Boston area. He’s also definitely a punk — kicking, ball throwing, neck tackles, flopping, etc. Infuriating.

  29. I hate LBJ. Simply can’t stand him, since the very beginning. I don’t care how good of a player he is. He is one of the least fun or original people in the league. If he ever had an original thought, I think his head would explode.

    In the 90s hated Malone-Stockton duo.
    Oh, also, can’t stand Tony Parker or Joakim Noah

    PS: Love you TBJ! A longtime fan. I miss the old studio… :(

  30. My irrational hate team

    Rajon Rondo (Most likely to suffer psychotic break and attack someone. Petulant little bitch)
    Kobe Bryant (This is what happens when you never say no to someone)
    Tyler Hansbrough (It’s like watching an angry bear flail about)
    Carlos Boozer (Reminds me of a Karl Malone action figure)
    Andrew Bynum (Headcase)

    Special mention to Metta World Peace and Glen Davis

  31. TK, are you growing a Jheri Curl?

  32. My hate team:
    PG: Stuckey
    SG: Nick Young
    SF: Hedo
    PF: Boozer
    C: Bargnani

    All time hate team :

    2000-2002 L.A. Lakers

  33. Where in England are you off to JD?

  34. I hold a special place in my black heart for Paul Pierce. Mainly due to his asinine facial hair.

  35. Blake Griffin
    I don’t hate watching him, I just hate how overrated he is. A big man who doesn’t rebound at an all-star level, can’t shoot free-throws, can’t really shoot at all for that matter, whines to refs like Chris Paul despite being a fraction of the player CP3 is and is average at defense. He’s a star because of Youtube and Sportscenter. If he works really hard, one day he has a shot to become the player he’s already being treated like.

    Danny Granger

    JJ Barea
    JJ is such a shit. I like him now, but that’s because he’s a shit on my favorite team.

    Evan Turner

    Luis Scola
    Luis acts like a big tough guy until somebody steps on his ugly face.

    Cole Aldrich
    I don’t really hate him, buy my girl does. She yells about him whenever he’s on screen. She thinks he is the first one off the bench for high-fives solely because he wants to get on TV. She went to high school with the guy and said he was full of himself.

    To which I reply: “He was a high-school player destined for the NBA, who wouldn’t be?”

    But to no avail…

    • “If he works really hard, one day he has a shot to become the player he’s already being treated like.”

      Except we all know how good Blake is at making shots!


  36. Number one on my most hated list:

    Kevin Martin’s floppy, uncoordinated-but-scores-at-will ass.

  37. Honorable mention: Joe Johnson(looks awful in big games), Shane Battier(weird head that looks like you can see his brain through his scull scares me), Al Harrington(just don’t like his game), D-Wade(as a Mavs fan I’ll never get over him going to the line 397,045 times in the NBA finals), & Rip Hamilton(hey Jason, take off the mask)

    Runner up: Lamar Odom- how did no one mention him yet? It wasn’t enough that he was perpetually overrated and married a Kardashian but what he did last season was foul. Almost pushes him to the top spot. But….

    The winner of player I have the most irrational hatred for is……. Matt Barnes! As this is irrational hatred I can’t quite justify putting Odom at the top spot.(I feel my hate for him is totally rational) So we get to Matt Barnes. He looks like a guy I used to buy weed from in high school and that guy was pretty sketchy so I’ve just always assumed Barnes was too and have hated him since he entered the league. Zero rational so he gets it.

    • Assuming you were alluding to him mailing in the season and still cashing checks when you said “what he did last season was foul”, your hate for Lamar is pretty legit.

    • I actually wouldn’t be all that surprised if you just bought weed from matt barnes himself, which in turn makes me like him more.

    • don’t like shane battier because his head looks weird.. points for irrationality there

      dwight howard, dragging on that saga of trade annoyingness last year must’ve sucked for the fans, any with it dragging on and not getting as much hype as lebron’s exit from cleveland I doubt Stern feels like he needs to give them the top pick in the draft

  38. Austin Daye, Jeff Pendergraph, Hasheem Thabeet, Darko Milicic. And I must add Stephon Marbury.

  39. I can’t believe no one mentioned KENDRICK PERKINS! Especially when he was on Boston a few years ago. He’s probably in the top 5 for the biggest whiners in the league. He never thinks he fouls anyone and acts like hes a superstar, when really he’s just an overpaid scrub.

    Here’s some food for thought, TBJ should put together an “all-NBA biggest whiners team”. Perkins should be the captain no doubt.

    p.s I REALLY HATE his gutssss.. guy sucks balllssssssssssssssssssssssss

  40. My (allstar) hate team

    1. Mike Jordan
    2. isiah thomas
    3. Rodman
    4. Mailman
    5. jamal mcgloire (not a allstar just a bum with no talent and always turned down team canada whenn we needed a big

  41. Definitely Tyler Hansbrough for irrational hate pick. Just something about his face, you just want to punch it.

  42. My irrational hate pick is Pau Gasol.

    I hate the Lakers. I have hated the Lakers since I was 10 years old. And there are so many hate-able guys on that team–Kobe, Artest, Howard–while Pau actually seems like a pretty good guy who has human emotions, doesn’t concuss other players for no reason, and isn’t profoundly weird. Somehow, though, for no reason, I hate him more than any other Laker. When he makes that sad moopy pouty face at the refs I just want to smack him.

    My husband’s pick would probably be Steve Blake, who he thinks looks like a penis.

  43. Jason Kidd. Domestic abuse and dwi charges plus that scrotum skin isn’t helping his case. He is my #1 Bibby.

    And as a Heat fan since ’02 Mike Bibby is my #2 Mike Bibby

  44. Alska’s sexiest douche – Chalmers, he is all world douchebag.
    Wade can go in there too.

    And crotch grabbing shawn kemp – didnt like him, but did like the oops and dunks

  45. Chris Kaman and Reggie Miller top the hatelist for me.

  46. Haterade 2012

    C Dwight Howard
    PF Carlos Boozer
    SF Corey Maggette
    SG Kobe Bryant
    PG Nate Robinson

  47. player: Kobe Bryant
    organization: Lakers
    fanbase:Miami Heat & Lakers

  48. Not to get all totally Bucks-fan here but where’s the Jennings love when discussing statistical leaders? Leadin’ the league in steals, bro!

    Also my Mike Bibby is definitely Scottie Skiles. I don’t know shit about coaching basketball but I do know a lot about being an asshole and he’s definitely an all-nba caliber a-hole.

  49. Gotta be John Fucking Salmons. He’s got a bearclaw face with a beard that looks like hanging moss, he’s basically shaped like a capital C, and he was the catalyst to what I believe is the worst “under-the-radar” draft-day trade in the history of all-time, which brought my #2 guy Jimmer Fredette to the Kings.

    It’d be like Jesus Christ trading down in the Disciple Draft, and getting Judas and John Salmons.

  50. for me its Jeremy Lin, no racial, but this dude aint a starting caliber point guard yet no one will question it because of Linsanity, which was an amazing run, il give credit where its due but you could have had Tony Douglas,Royal Ivey heck Ben Uzoh do similiar in Dantonie system. Tyson Chandler is the easiest dude to alley to, and if you look back at the run, most defences where not paying attention to him because of lack or scouting, notice when the word was out, his output changed…and I don’t mind it if he is actually worthy of the starting position but hes not..

  51. and Bargnani because im a Raptor fan, no explanation needed there

  52. Shannon Brown is my 1st round draft pick for The Mike Bibby All Star Team. Living in Southern California as a lifelong Clipper fan (i know), I heard from a few Laker “fans” that he was the heir apparent to Kobe Bryant. It’s not like HE was the one who initiated that stupid fucking conversation, but the fact that people even said shit like that made me despise him. And for about 2 months all I heard was #letshannondunk. So yeah….fuck Shannon Brown. Rounding out my starting lineup is Russell Westbrook, Ryan Gomes, Amare Stoudemire, and Ryan Hollins.

  53. Vince Carter & John Wall.

  54. Without a doubt – Kromagg Billups.
    I just hate him.
    He thinks he’s so good and so clutch when he just isn’t.
    Late in close games, he takes that 3pt shot early in the clock to silence the crowd (or make it roar if it’s a home game) only to miss it, and enable a fastbreak on the other end.
    Think about his teamates – after 45+ minutes of running around, they start by running to their position, making slashes/picks, and this prick decides that his 3pt shot is the best thing the team can achieve.
    And the nickname Mr Big Shot… Come on! How many “Big Shots” has he made?
    It’s like calling JR Smith Mr Big Shot…

  55. kobe
    more kobe
    still kobe


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