The Washington Wizards are 0-6, last in the league in offensive efficiency and just lost a game to the Charlotte Bobcats by 16 points where they shot a single game, league-wide worst from the field, making a pretty solid claim that they’re the worst team in the league. New look, new personnel, same terrible Wizards.

And that sameness even extends to all the silly things they do on the court. Even though their knuckleheadiest knuckleheads have been shipped out in order to give John Wall some teammates who are less wacky but still bad at basketball, something has rubbed off and the Wizards have managed to sustain their long run as the NBA’s most bloggable team. Last night was no different. From the Washington Post:

Late in the third quarter, reserve Jan Vesely drew a foul from Bobcats reserve Tyrus Thomas but Jordan Crawford tried to pull a fast one and stepped to the foul line instead. Crawford knocked down the first free throw, until the referees realized the mistake and sent Vesely to the line.

“Nothing against Jan. I was just trying to get as many points as we can because we was struggling to score,” said Crawford, who joked with the coaches on the Bobcats’ bench. “I was just saying, ‘I thought I got bumped on the play,’ making a little joke.”

But Vesely missed both free throws, which wasn’t very funny.

Now, as I’m sure you’ll remember, Jan Vesely airballed his first NBA free throw. And he hasn’t done much better since, shooting .532 from the line last season and starting this one by making just one of his first nine attempts. Plus, when you consider how bad the Wizards are on offense — they are literally the worst offensive team in NBA history right now — this is just a smart move by Jordan Crawford. Just because it is completely against the rules doesn’t mean it’s stupid.

Unfortunately for the Wizards, however, some people were actually paying attention to this game, referees included. You would think that a Wizard taking two free throws for a teammate who can’t shoot free throws during the third quarter of a game against the Bobcats in November would go undetected, but alas. Too bad, because this would have been the perfect crime.

(video via TruthAboutIt)