LeBron James and Dwyane Wade have both been on the cover of GQ magazine, and a bunch of their teammates attended the very same GQ party that Steve Nash dressed up for, but none of them have ever been bestowed with an honor like the one Mario Chalmers just got from People magazine — sexiest man alive from Alaska.

And while you might think that the odds were stacked in his favor since he’s the only Heat player from Alaska, you’d be wrong. There’s a lot more to it than that. From People:

He now plays in tropical South Beach, but the Miami Heat point guard has the distinction of being only the third player to enter the NBA from Alaska. “A lot of people say there’s nothing in Alaska but snow and ice,” the Anchorage native told The Miami Herald. “So, being from Alaska, being that guy, I just want to [disprove] it.”

OK, so maybe it was because the good-looking basketball players from Alaska pool is pretty shallow, but still. You don’t see any other NBA guys on People’s list, butting heads with bros like Jon Hamm, Ben Affleck and Tom Brokaw, so this technically means Mario Chalmers is the sexiest man in the NBA. I’m sure People uses several algorithms to figure this stuff out, so I’m not even going to try arguing against this choice.

In related news, Painted Hair magazine named fellow Alaskan Carlos Boozer its Man of the Year.

(via Eye on Football)