Danny Green made a shot, Metta World Peace made a pass, Pau Gasol missed a shot and that was all she wrote. That’s how the Lakers lost their first game of the Bernie Bickerstaff era.

And while you might think the reason the Lakers botched their final play was because the ball was entered to the wrong guy or the Spurs’ defense was a little too good or a number of other valid basketball reasons, the real truth is that the Lakers just didn’t have their mind control and/or geometry game on point during their final possession. At least if you’re buying what Metta World Peace is selling. From the LA Times:

“It was a good shot,” World Peace said. “The telepathy was off a little bit.”

When a reporter suggested that perhaps World Peace should have used the word “trajectory,” World Peace beamed.

“You must be like a scientist,” he said.

Then he circled back.

“What does telepathy mean?” he asked. “Is that even a word?

He spent the next 20 seconds trying to spell the word.

“T-R-A, don’t say it,” he said. “T-R-A, tell me that’s right”

You know, they’re both kind of right. If Pau Gasol had used a different trajectory on his shot, maybe it would have gone in. Point to the reporter. But also, if the Lakers could have controlled the ball with their brains — technically telekinesis, but whatever — then they also would have made the shot. Point to Metta World Peace.

Unfortunately for him, in the case of a postgame media scrum tiebreaker, the tie is broken via spelling bee. Tough break but those are the rules. Victory goes to the reporter.