Ballin: A career-high 35 points for Anderson Varejao, who also rebounded 18 rebounds, assisted three assists and stole three steals. He’s currently the only player in the league with top 10 single-game totals for points and rebounds, which means absolutely nothing but is still indicative of how great he’s been thus far.

Not so much: Take your choice of three loser teams last night. The Wizards lost to the Bobcats (3-3 for the first time since 2009) by 16 points, the Raptors scored five points and made one basket the entire fourth quarter while shooting 36 percent for the game, and the Pacers lost to the Raptors who obviously sucked last night. Of all these garbage performances, the Pacers take the garbage cake for me, mostly because they trailed from the 4:05 mark of the first quarter on, despite playing the aforementioned Raptors.

Yeah, duh: Of course the San Antonio Spurs ran a quick-hitter for Danny Green on their last offensive possession, and of course he hit the game-winning three.

They’re the Spurs. Duh.

Microwave: J.R. Smith’s third quarter line is pretty outstanding — 12 points on 5-5 shooting including a three, 1-2 from the line, two rebounds, an assist, a steal and one turnover. It’s almost like Big Baby isn’t properly suited to guard shooting guards on the perimeter.

Product placement: Your latest reminder that Rasheed Wallace is the best.

I’m sure the editing necessary to find anything usable makes this idea impossible, but Rasheed Wallace needs to be mic’d up for a game. I bet people would pay at least $3.99 to watch a Knicks game if they had the option of listening to a live stream of Sheed’s chatter.

Good: Damian Lillard scored 22 points on 7-10 shooting last night, the fifth time in eight Portland games that the rookie has gone for 20 or more. He also handed out nine assists, so good job.

Also: Jose Calderon had a triple-double last night, joining an illustrious group of dinosaurs.

It’s you, it’s you, it’s always you: Kyrie Irving can take an almost-turnover and turn it in to a highlight very quickly.

If Kris Humphries could bend at the waist, this would have never happened.

Simple: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Brook Lopez all went over 20 points in the same game — and it was actually the first 20+ point game for both Deron and JoeJohn all season — for the first time last night. In related news, the Nets won easily.

Other things: Dwight Howard wore a headband again last night, looking like a very in shape Andray Blatche with his too-thin, too-ratty terrycloth. Afterwards, he told reporters that since he couldn’t wear a headband in Orlando, he just “changed [his] swag a lil bit,” which ugh … Scary fall for an Orlando Magic cheerleader last night, but she did the classic “raise your hands to show you’re OK” maneuver as she was stretchered off the court. She was breathing on her own and moving her extremities at the hospital, which is great news … Robert Sacre is very good at dancing after made 3-pointers … At one point last night, Maurice Harkless blocked about 11 straight Carmelo Anthony shots while they were right underneath the basket. Somewhere out there, Charles Smith cried a single tear … Floyd Mayweather, Jr. is probably happy that the Spurs won last night

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  1. extra strong “things of note” today, Mr. Kirby….highlights include the Kris Humpries zing, entrepreneurial ventures related to rasheed wallace, and meaningless-yet-indicative sideshow bob stat.

  2. I love Kyrie Irving for the simple fact that he makes Cavs games watchable and thus gives me an opportunity to watch my favorite role player, Andy Varejao, again.

  3. Afflalo’s rookie sason was probably a lot of fun…

  4. quick fantasy question, drop Rubio for Jose Calderon?

  5. Lillard also with 5 treys!

  6. Pop is the only coach in the league who’s figured out that Kobe is a horrible defender if he’s not guarding a star. Of Bruce Bowen’s top 4 scoring outputs in his career, 3 happened with the Black Mamba falling asleep standing in the corner.

    Kobe is slacking so badly on the game-winning play that he has his jersey in his mouth- he spits it out when he realizes he loses his man in a simple Princeton motion (not even a designed screen- Duncan backs away!) and runs into his teammate, giving Green a wide-open 3-pointer. His athleticism allows him to semi-contest the shot, but it’s a half-second late.

    It would be the funniest thing ever if Pop picked a Princeton-style play just to screw with Kobe for getting his Mike Brown fired.

    • “Kobe is slacking so badly on the game-winning play that he has his jersey in his mouth”

      Totally thought that was a euphemism so I checked the video…You made my day.

  7. What does Sheed say???

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