“Oh, come on.”Andrew Bynum

(via Imadoggydogg)

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  1. This headbanded version of Dwight is just a leg sleeve away from being someone’s over-accessorized baller in NBA2K’s MyPlayer.

    • The headband thing has to be some sort of weird tribute to Wilt. Nothing else even remotely makes sense.

  2. did he just hit THREE THREES in a row like it’s nothing??!? HOW(ard) in the world is he so bad at free throws then? is he that prone to failing under pressure?
    anyway, he’s weird.

  3. Too bad it was Pau taking a 3 from that exact spot to try and win the game last night.

  4. He was doing the same thing opening night. Shot plenty of those before the game, but no free throws that I noticed. His three point shot motion is a lot more fluid than his free throw, which has a little hitch and is more of a flick.

  5. Possibly one of the greatest posts (and captions) in TBJ history.

  6. I saw Ben Wallace hit 8 threes in a row in warm-up. No big deal.

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