Ep. 871: Runnin’ Deep

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Chris Paul’s third-quarter explosion, mini-LeBron, the road-weary Heat, Wade’s health, why Jamal Crawford needs an And-1 hype man, the Grizzlies’ hot shooting, Westbrook vs. Gasol, Z-Bo vs. Perk, deep benches, and Rudy Gay’s season-high 28 points.

All that, plus Doris Burke, Whoa Boy, Andrew Bynum’s hair, Kemba Walker’s game-winner, and a little masterpiece theatre we like to call, “The Lakers’ Awkward Thanksgiving Day Dinner.”


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Comments (44)

  1. i like tas melas

  2. That XMas dinner sketch was one of the best things I’ve heard on this show. Awesome!!

  3. totally agree with the wade description. he looks anemic out there, in multiple uses of the word.

  4. Trey, good as always, but is a manziere in order?

  5. Trey Kerby your laugh sucks very much and it sound very fake. It reminds me little spoiled neighbor of mine. Other that i love the show, keep it up! go Canada!

  6. Hi, I’m a suffering Charlotte Bobcats Season Ticket Holder.
    I can’t make it to all of the weekday games so I’d like to hear some interesting trade offers for a pair of tickets in the nosebleeds at any Charlotte ‘Cats weekday home game of your choice to see the Bobcats (4-3 with wins over Indy, Minny and Dallas) pounce on another foe:
    Examples I’d consider:

    A framed picture of Joey Harrington

    A chance to meet a B-D list (somewhere between the German Wheel Guy from Cirque de Soleil and Zooey Deschanel) celebrity athlete, or someone really interesting

    A Whizzinator

    Fresh Seafood

    Spare Change

  7. I think Jamal Crawford dubbed Bledsoe “Liittle Lebron” and Lebron called him “Baby Lebron.” This of course means war!

  8. Leigh, tha’t s a Kate Beckinsale if I ever heard one. Come on now!

  9. Skit was ok, the Jerry Buss role was meant for Tas would’ve been hilarious. Trey can write the funny but his nasally voice is tough to listen to at times

  10. Agree shoulda been a Beckinsale for the laughs that the skit provided. Although Leigh should have fact checked his Mike D’Antoni accent, which is more southern hillbilly than Italian, as Mike hails from West Virginia.

  11. Out of curiousity, is his full name actually, “My Buddy Grish?” I hope so.

  12. Leigh Ellis, you missed one…Spurs Knicks game NOT on TNT tonight

  13. I just love the new season of TBJ! It’s great to have more Leigh Ellis on the show. The Kate scale is the perfect way to cap the show before Tas’ walk-off quote of the day.

    Also, I feel like this years Clipper team is as fun as everyone hoped last years team was going to be. I kind of hated last year’s team. They were just so whiney and floppy last year. It drove me crazy. And for ‘lob city’ they played way way too slow. It seemed like Chris Paul spent all of last year strolling the ball up court and was really focused on sticking his butt back into his check to draw some ridiculous floppy foul call that would only slow the game down even more.

    And is it me or has Blake started to get better at not bitching and whining after every play?

  14. Skeets: Is My Buddy Grish aware of his TBJ fame? Has he ever randomly met a TBJ listener who got super excited when they discovered they were talking to ‘My Buddy Grish’ of TBJ fame?

    • He is well aware of his mini TBJ fame, though I can’t recall a random listener discovering that he is, in fact, My Buddy Grish. I’m sure it’ll happen though. He likes sportz.

  15. I moustache where Tas got his shirt. It’s very a-peel-ing.

  16. I felt like this was as close to a Beckinsdale as you guys are gonna get in a while.

  17. Yeesh. I thought the sketch was pretty painful. It was nearly saved by Leigh’s ridiculous caricature of Mike D’Antoni.

    I might be the only one but I’d be interested in a short 2 min video recap of the TBJ rec league game.

  18. Crawford doesn’t need a fat AND1 hype guy, you’re already paying Lamar a heap of $ just get him to do it.

  19. I watched the movie ‘Click’ last night.

    Beckinsale is frickin’ hot and deserves her status on Leigh’s scale.

  20. Pretty sure Kemba walked on that pullup… took about 3 or 4 steps!

  21. Jerryd Bayless totally looks like a different person this year… mini-Carlos Boozer.

  22. This show was a Beckinsale for sure. So close to spitting my coffee out on that skit.

  23. no honorable mention for griffin’s 20pt 14reb 6ast 2blk in 30min line?

  24. can someone please animate that little sketch? I’d totally do it but I have no idea how it’s done… great work though^^

  25. You guys totally created a ‘theatre of the mind’ moment there with that sketch – very funny. Namaste to you too, Tas.

    I disagree that Bynum dressing up in a clown suit would prove it’s he’s in costume. There are so many other overpaid clowns on the Sixers’ bench (Nick Young, Kwame Brown etc) that he’d fit right in.

    The Sixers were disgraceful against the Pistons. Boos from the crowd have never been so well deserved.

  26. 23:20 – 27:28 = Miracle of Internet

    I was eating bok choy, and TK’s Jerry Buss outburst at the end made part of a bok choy leaf come out of my nose.

  27. A question: Is Trey growing a Bynum for?

  28. If that wasn’t a Beckinsale, I cannot wait to hear one that is.

  29. I propose the far more awkwardly-named Natalie-Mila-Emma-Scarlett scale.

    Natalie Portman – Top-notch show. Lots of chuckles.
    Mila Kunis – Great show. Lots of chuckles.
    Emma Watson – Awesome show. No shortage of chuckles.
    Scarlett Johannson – Tremendous show ….. wait, I’m beginning to see a flaw in this rating system. There’s no way to rate a bad show.

    I guess the Kating scale is indeed the way to go.

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