Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • His hair looks like a cheap Beatles wig.
  • “The Three Stooges” movie was released in this calendar year, so dressing like Moe would actually be a timely costume.

Evidence against:

  • Seems to be in the experimental phase of growing his hair out where you keep trying new things in the hopes of finding something that looks good.
  • He probably didn’t see “The Three Stooges,” since no one did.
  • He’s a computer nerd, so he probably knows the internet is loving all this weird hair stuff he’s doing and is enjoying the attention.

Verdict: Throwing the internet a bone (not a costume).

Comments (24)

  1. That hair needs to stop. How can anyone want to own him on their fantasy team with hair like that?

  2. i think he’s going for Gohan partway through Dragon Ball Z:

  3. Andrew Bynum starring in – Frederick Douglas: Vampire Hunter

  4. He must be hanging with Phil Spector

  5. if he is, I think I may know the character he’s taking off….google Dwayne Dibley from a BBC Comedy series called Red Dwarf

  6. The face of the guy on the left of him in the first picture sums up my feelings.

  7. This time I DEFINITELY think he’s in costume.

  8. He’s dressed as Tracy Morgan’s homeless SNL character “Woodrow”


  9. Two words:

    Mos Def K West

    No really, two words to describe this:

    Ike Turner

  10. Definitely after-sex Ron Swanson from Parks and Recreation http://cdn.wl.uproxx.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/08/ron_swanson_tiger_woods.png

  11. I think it’s pretty clear that Bynum has Bieber fever… But it looks like he’s still hooked on Bieb’s first album.

  12. There is no way in hell Trey could have hoped this series could have reached this point.

  13. This one didn’t even need any text. Too funny looking.

  14. Bynum wants to be the new chick in Shalamar

  15. Dumb and Dumber – someone go find Javale McGee.

  16. He should be playing double bass in the Outkast Hey Ya video clip

  17. It actually looks good – I’m a try that hair style for next weeks party

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