Wait a second. I thought it was pronounced “Yo-nus,” but now Jonas Valanciunas’ own teammate is telling me it’s pronounced “Joe-nus.”

Phonetics are confusing. I’m just calling him J-Zone from here on out.

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  1. Yeah you’re right Trey. Obviously Lithuanians don’t speak in an American accent.

  2. me and my friends have called him “jo-jo volcano” pretty well since draft day

  3. From a pronunciation and linguistics expert:


  4. Jonas is cute, regardless of how you pronounce his name <3

  5. nba 2k 13 doesn’t know how to say his name first

  6. In light of the “Joe-nus” pronunciation, I think this 90′s classic would be an appropriate theme song:


  7. But what’s Amir’s sweatshirt? The owl there? Someone tell this old man where he can purchase something like that.

  8. And here ashtray kerby goes at it again……
    We love you man but you really need to deamericanize yourself a bit. meaning not fullfilling the cliche of being a selfcentered, ignorant and narrow-minded person who doesn’t care about other countries, cultures and languagues.period!

  9. here is the correct pronounciation at 0:08


  10. wow, people on that side of the ocean are stupid.

  11. Name is pronounced YO-nahs vah-lahn-CHEW-nahs

  12. One thing I learned in this video is that the Toronto Raptors would probably do well if they had officially licensed nose rings for their female fans.

  13. So this video was basically an excuse to talk to cute girls?

  14. There’s Waldo!

  15. How do you pronounce Jonas Valanciunas?

    “Uhhh… hmmm… let’s see… ummmm… ‘Seattle?’”

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