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On today’s hour-long Overdose, The Jones cast their ridiculously early 2013 NBA All-Star Game ballots; argue over whether their Team LAC or Team MEM; discuss FIBA’s plan to add three-on-three basketball as a full medal sport to the Olympics; and try to make sense of that tricky Royce White situation down in Houston.

All that, plus pop music, NBA Bond villains, Magic Johnson, Alaska’s Sexiest Man, and “The Price is Right.”


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  1. gotta put the pole in the nook. love that analysis, tas.

  2. can i have your copy of 2k13

  3. There is more than enough NBA talent that won’t make the Olympic team that will go out for the 3 on 3 competition. I would love to see John Wall, Demarcus Cousins and… whoever, (Eric Bledsoe or MKG, Wildcats against the world 2016) play for our country.

      • How bout my boy Metta World Peace

      • I think you are way off on this Trey. You may not see the USA Select team out there, but I guarantee that the international spotlight and hype (especially if it is set up in association with the 5on5 tourney, maybe as an undercard or something) will attract some fairly high quality ballers. You wouldnt watch a free broadcast of kyle singler, terrence jones and scott machado that was right before a big 5 on 5 game?

  4. Instead of Olympic 3-on-3, can’t we just have Olympic Rock ‘n’ Jock B-Ball, with celebrities and athletes from all the participating countries? I defy you to come up with a more entertaining spectator sport.

  5. *they’re

    Yeah, I’m that guy.

  6. I think the Royce White situation is pretty interesting. White earned himself a bit of good will in my book by being so open about it to begin with. At the same time, the fact that he seems to be somewhat unwilling to compromise is a bit disappointing.

    He seems to have this idea of how he thought this would work out (i.e. having extreme anxiety while attempting to be a professional basketball player) and doesn’t get that he’s going to have to give something to get this relationship with him and the team working…

  7. would Lowry have been in the discussion for your All-Star teams if he was still healthy?

  8. 58 minutes doesn’t qualify as “hour long” TBJ crew!

  9. Trey, can you elaborate on your ghost story at all? I’m curious as to what you saw.

    • Driving down the road, there was fog on the sides of the pavement. As we came around the curve, the haze parted and shifted in a way that was distinctly human-shaped.

      I can’t say for sure that it was a ghost, but my mom and I definitely both thought it was.

  10. 3×3 basketball would be fun only if you would see NBA guys making teams of their pals from other teams or like some crazy mismatchs like Gasols make Spain team with Ibaka to its Ibaka-P.Gasol-M.Gasol and they play vs Wesbrook-Harden-CP3, this could be some funny stuff how little guys just running around everywhere and big guys destroying them on the post

  11. NBA All Star lineups: Andrew Bogut, Derrick Favors, Metta World Peace, Cauncy Billups and Eric Gordon in the West. Amar’e Stoudemire, Danny Granger, Glen Davis, Kirk Hinrich and Aaron Afflalo. Am I doing this right Trey?

  12. i got an random idea, a few days ago skeets asked if somebody could keep track of tje kate scale but hey why cant you just put it in the podcasts description yourself? its just one line more, you can handle this! this way by trusting chukc d leagues judgement i could just skip the under-uptons if THEM LAUGHS arent there

  13. Oh man, I nearly died laughing with the GSP quotes.

  14. It’s simple with Magic. If he were on this team, would he rather the Lakers hire Phil Jackson or Mike D’Antoni?

    Wanker of the Week well deserved.

  15. The Royce White situation – it’s up to the organisation to think out of the box to resolve this. Mental anxiety is not something we can judge or comment on. No one can possibly know the extent of what he is dealing with nor his daily battles. His decisions to Tweet may also be driven by his anxiety so we have to give him room here. He should be applauded and has every right to try and succeed on a basketball court. A rookie with a broken leg would be given all the time and space to heal. This is no different, but less easy to define.

    • I agree 100%. And this is part of the many reasons this year why I am not on the Daryl Morey bandwagon anymore. You pick a guy in the 1st round, sign him and now start with the fines? All I had to do is watch the grantland video on Royce to see how bad it gets for him and that was around people he knows! Rockets need to let him and his doctors work their way through his problems. The Rockets are out of their depth and fining him just makes them look bad

      • Whoa, whoa, whoa.

        Legally, the Rockets have provided reasonable accommodations for Royce to do his job (including providing a therapist, and alternate travel arrangements… JUST FOR HIM). See ADA (

        Not to be insensitive, but if Royce wants them to go above and beyond for an unproven, and thus far, uncooperative rookie, he’s vastly overestimating his own importance to the franchise.

        • Royce knows he signed a $2.8 million guaranteed deal with the Rockets, so I’m guessing he knows he’s worth at least that to the franchise.

          • I’m not saying the “bare minimum” is enough (actually, bare minimum would be the alternate travel arrangements, they’re providing him therapy too, and god knows what else), but don’t you think the guy should at least attend practice regularly before expecting the team to do more for him? It’s not like attending practice requires flying. Look, I’m a psychologist, and I’m the first to defend professional athletes with psychological disorders, but this disorder doesn’t preclude him from professionalism.

            Why should the team be expected to do more for him if he’s not willing to meet them halfway?

        • Going the legal rout. Ok. Saying things like that however just makes them look like their just trying to cover their asses. A law is a compromise and not always right or ethical and usually expresses the bare minimum in what you should do.Importance is such a wishy washy word to use in this circumstance. Because out of all the people in the world Royce was a lottery pick in a profession that has less then 500 employees where their salary avg is above 5 million. That seems kinda important.

          • Legal is legal.

            You can complain all you want, but they’re not obligated to do anymore than they already have.

            And this is different from an injury situation. Injuries are typically acute, and are fixed in time. Anxiety disorders don’t really go away with rest.

            Let’s not forget Royce is getting paid right now while he’s complaining about the team that supposedly isn’t doing enough for him. All he has to do is show up to practice.

    • “The Royce White situation – it’s up to the organisation to think out of the box to resolve this. ”

      But doesn’t he have to cooperate with them? That seems to be the major issue – he’s (allegedly, of course) not doing things like going to practice and whatnot, things that weren’t part of the understanding they had apparently come to. As has been said, it’s sort of a “he said, he said” situation but it seems that the Rockets are saying they HAVE thought outside the box and White isn’t working with them. The onus isn’t only on them. If he wants this to be his profession, White needs to give a little, too.

      • For those claiming the Rockets have done enough already, and Royce should do this or that….he has an illness, a mental illness. He may not be able too. This is not a case of someone like a DeMarcus Cousins in a huff, this is someone who finds it very difficult to cope in situations that would be very “normal” to most people. You might think he needs to do more…he might not be able too. You might think his Tweets strange… he might not be able to do things differently. It’s on the Rockets to bend over backwards for an employee regardless of how good he is.

        • As for White, I’m claustrophobic so I’ve made a decision to not add cave spelunking to my list of sports hobbies. If I were Houston I’d send him to the Toros..they ride a bus to work.

    • Seems like we are all jumping to a lot on conclusions about this whole situation without really knowing the whole story.
      Yeah, tweeting about it probably isn’t the best way to deal with his problems, but the Rockets should also be doing everything they can to maximize their very expensive asset.
      We don’t know everything that has/has not been done by both sides and shouldn’t be placing blame on either side until the full details come out.

  16. My all star team starters that WILL be the real team in February .





  17. For Leigh: the Italian for ‘girls’ is ‘ragazze’, pronounced ‘ra-gaht-zey’. This way he can say ‘girls’ and not ‘ciao’ in the opens.

  18. *rigazze, I mean

  19. Trey Kerby for the win with Andrei Kirelinko for the James Bond villain brains, but the muscle has to be Enes Kanter.

  20. I’m with Trey (#TeamAmerica) that 3 on 3 is turrrible

    If you’ve played 3 on 3 without height restrictions, you’d know that the biggest skilled guy dominates the game because it’s so much easier to get position on the low block. Also athleticism comes out during a full court games because of all the space that’s created. There’s a reason that the less athletic and highly skilled Spurs have traditionally thrived in half court sets and why the Heat dominated last year when they were able to get out and run (more athletic than everyone).

    • I’m with Trey on this one too. NBA quality players won’t be associated with this so it’s basically going to be like watching some random dudes playing boring, half-court basketball.

  21. Also props to Trey Kerby for pronouncing my college friend, Adetayo Adesayna’s name correct. He goes by Tayo for short, he also won the dunk contest at the 3-on-3 tournament this summer in Greece!

  22. kobe = boy george. dude looks like a lady.(la times photos)

  23. Who’s his favorite popstar? Usher Raymond Felton.

  24. My problem with the East is there is really no true SG, which is what I was looking to add to my personal All-Star ballot. Having two PGs is great and all (hell, it’s my favorite position filled with all my favorite players), but this just made me realize how lacking the East is in true shooting guards.

  25. Cliffhangers was the best of all The Price is Right games.

  26. He won’t win Rookie of the Year, but by the end of the season, Alexey Shved will get some 2nd and 3rd place votes.

  27. 3X3 sucks because its half court – NO FAST BREAKS

  28. If Felton had Pride and Joy he would be Stevie Ray-Mon(d).

  29. I love the show guys and wake up to it every morning here in Australia. Shout out to Leigh – I live that I don’t have to translate what he says from Canadian into English for me to understand him!!!

    But please kill PunGun!!! It is dogs balls!!! And not in a good way. If you must do it, can you put it at the end of a podcast so we can just turn it off and pretend the show was a decent Kate?


  30. Hey just started listening to the podcast and I love it! I listen everyday, My friend Scooter Magruder on youtube does stuff fan says video. I think their hilarious and I think you guys should do a Stuff Raptors Fans Say… Check him out I’m going to keep listening up you guys and get together grow fan bases

  31. Surprised so many people are against the 3 on 3, I understand it in the context of being adults with dashed dreams of stardom. However thinking back to being between 10-16 I would be extremely into it. It would be a hit around the world where the majority (Im sure Tas has the percentage) of pickup games are 3 on 3. I could see great battles and rivalries coming out of it, and no Im not expecting stars to play. Some of the best performances in the olympics come from those who the average fan doesn’t know of anyway. Its a great idea and will be a success.

    Positive Pete over and out.

  32. Team Lillard! Team Zach! I love the idea of 3 on 3 basketball in the Olympics. If you’ve ever lived overseas or in heavily populated urban areas, that’s what is played and it’s great fun to watch. It’s not the NBA nor intended to be the NBA.. I’ve thought for years the NBA should incorporate a 3 on 3 seniors tour of retired NBA players who can’t run full court and open every NBA game with a 3 on 3 best of 3 match. It should in no way be compared to full court basketball because it’s not. It’s a different game and it’s not boring. Go down to the beach in LA sometimes or the park in NYC and watch these guys play! Way more fun to watch than the slam dunk contest the NBA has. Who cares if you don’t know who these guys are. You could say that about most of the European teams in the Olympics now anyway.

  33. How’s he look from this year compared to last?

    Raymond Svelten

  34. “argue over whether their Team LAC or Team MEM”

    their? or they’re? ;)

  35. Is there a link for that Z-bo quote?

  36. “my wife can’t stay up that late, she’s 16 and a half” – line of the week.

  37. I think you gotta give Batum strong All Star consideration: 20ppg 6rpg 3apg 2steals and a block, shooting 48 and 40. He kinda gets lost in all the Lillard Hype but seems to live up to his contract big time.

  38. Just my two cents regarding ‘Team Davis’ vs ‘Team Lilliard’.

    Team Lillard all the way for me. Purely for the simple fact that what Lillard is doing is rarer and IMO more difficult than what Davis is doing.

    The PG position is the hardest position to play in the NBA. For Lillard to walk in as a rookie and control and run the Blazers like he has done is incredible. How many rookie PG’s can run a team with such poise and confidence like Lillard has done? He’s playing like a veteran point guard.

    Davis is incredible too, but to walk in and have impact using god given gifts isn’t nearly as impressive as what Lillard has done with his skill and feel for the game.

    Close, but if Lillard keeps this up, he’s my ROY.

  39. After last night Lillard is no doubt better to me as well. Very reminiscent of Wade in his rookie year.

  40. I thought Trey Kerby was calling Luke Babbit the Babbimal. I don’t know if two players have ever looked less alike than Luke Babbit and Kenneth Faried

  41. Curling is in the Olympics….now that’s a boring spectator sport if I ever saw one.

  42. Fu*k 3-on-3 basketball – the should have SLAMBALL!!! Now that’s an entertaning sport!

  43. My choice for a bond villain would be Delonte West on a motorcycle with guitar cases full of guns.

  44. Last year, Jeremy Lin did the impossible. He is in an athletic inspiration for us all, proving once again, that if you believe in yourself and you have talent, you can make anything happen. In this video, it’s great to see an Asian athlete, who against all odds, was not supposed to succeed in the sport. Well he did, and in doing so, broke a stereotype that made us all question our beliefs in society, culture and the American dream. Congratulations to Jeremy Lin and to the proud Asian community all over the world. Now Jeremy, DO IT AGAIN!!

    Here is the song by Omar Alexander

  45. On a serious note guys, love the hoops commentary but could really do without the exaggerated Chinese sounding man jokes. Call me old school. We should be beyond this sort of humor in 2012. Having marched for civil rights in the 60s and being mixed race myself we should avoid segregating and stereotyping athletes or anyone. Try using an ethnic Black accent as a bunch of white guys at a basketball event sometime and see how far it gets you. Time to move past this tone. I heard a commentor at the Blazers Rockets game sounding cynical about all the Asians with Jeremy Lin jerseys on and thought, would this be an issue with white guys wearing Brad Miller jerseys, Black kids wearing Lebron jerseys or Hispanics wearing Eduardo Najera jerseys? I don’t think so. Sports should set a better example…my rant, my opinion

    • The way to make it a non issue it to accept the absurdity of it through humor. These guys make these jokes and its clear there is no malice to it. People in the world are different…. our differences are often humorous… if you travel outside of somewhere obsessed with political correctness the norm often is to laugh at differences. Relax, enjoy the show.

      On a side note one of the pistons announcers really pissed me off too this year, on opening night they had a choir singing which obviously is nbd, lol but he goes something along the lines of “and we got the choir singing here tonight just like how things should be”. Anyway carry on.

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