“We get advice from Kyle. He brings us backpacks. That’s his advice. Really nice. The pink one, that’s my color.”Jonas Valanciunas, who has already grasped the concept of biting sarcasm

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  1. I love the captions when you hover over the pictures. Keep up the good work!

  2. Quincy Acy needs to get some burn. I think he’ll quickly become a league favorite. In summer league he “shot” the ball from half court or so and it went 10 rows in the stands.

  3. how about we just win basketball games?

  4. Regarding the hover caption, Valanciunas’s backpack is of none of those three characters- there is some blonde princess chick on it. And there is a Bart Simpson pillow sticking out of it. But none of that meshes with the commentary/joke the caption writer came up with so he went ahead and ignored it…

    • Truwarier, you straight shooter!
      Let ‘em know loud that they won’t get away with jokes that don’t perfectly fit with every detail of the picture – our jokes consistency inspector is in the house.

  5. He looks sexy with that backpack.

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