Ballin: I know he didn’t have the literal best line of the night, but let’s talk about how Andre Miller is awesome despite having little to no ability to jump or bend his legs. He scored a season-high 19 points, added seven assists and five rebounds, and kind of took over the fourth quarter for a while by scoring 13 points and dishing out three helpers. Aside from the baby hair, he remains one of my favorites.

Not so much: The San Antonio Spurs blew a 12 point lead in seven minutes to the Knicks, despite getting 13 straight points from Tiago Splitter to open the fourth quarter. It’s like they always say, when Tiago Splitter is leading your team, Tiago Splitter is leading your team.

Somebody’s watching me: Deron Williams wants you to consider his theory. It goes something like this: “Why look when you can not look?”

It’s an interesting theory, no doubt, but I’m going to need to see more examples if I’m really going to buy in.

Upside down: In last night’s win against the Spurs, Carmelo Anthony had more rebounds (12) than points (9). That’s the first time it’s happened this season — and the first time he’s scored in single-digits — and he’s done it only five other times in his career.

Go to sleep: Here’s a really hard NBA foul in the year 2012 that wasn’t a flagrant. It’s like seeing a black swan, so pay attention.

I was legitimately shocked this wasn’t a Flagrant 1 since that’s how things go these days and the foul looked way worse than it really was, but I think calling it a personal foul was the right call. Leandro Barbosa sure didn’t seem to mind, making the two free throws he earned and in the midst of putting on a high-off-the-glass clinic.

Far shots: 13 threes for the Heat last night, including 6-7 from Shane Battier and 4-8 from Mike Miller. Just 1-4 for Ray Allen who is a terrible shooter, as we all know.

Fashion talk: Do not wear short sleeve dress shirts around the “Inside the NBA” crew (and just don’t do it in general).

Remember when Charles Barkley did it a while back and he got mocked mercilessly? Just buy a regular shirt, geez.

Reggie said it: While talking about Mike Miller’s monkey like it was a new story — “That will be the next hashtag on twitter, the monkey let out the dogs.” Not surprisingly, this was a self-fulfilling prophecy even though that is not at all how hashtags work.

Other things: Better crossover — Deron Williams’ multiples or Tony Parker’s one great one? … Jerry Stackhouse played crunch time minutes for the Nets last night and tallied three points, two rebounds and an assist while looking hilarious because he’s Jerry Stackhouse … Huge turning point for the Heat — down one, Danilo Gallinari airballs an open three, which is immediately followed by Norris Cole knocking down his own three on the other end … Huge turning point for the Nets — Paul Pierce missing two free throws while the Celtics were down three with 34 seconds remaining … Last night’s win in Denver was the Heat’s first in the Mile High City since 2002