Evidence for:

  • He looks like he is in costume.
  • More specifically, he looks like he’s wearing a comically over-exaggerated Andrew Bynum costume.
  • This is his third different hairstyle in the past three games.
  • His head looks like a Mario mushroom.

Evidence against:

  • Last night was November 16, so there’s really no reason to be in costume.
  • Josh Childress looks like this every day and that’s not a costume.
  • He has to be messing with us.

Verdict: He has become his own costume, so technically both no and yes.

(image via Dan McQuade)

Comments (9)

  1. This is my favorite TBJ feature, ever.

  2. Was really hoping that the 6th installment would actually be him in a clown suit.

  3. A question for the next crossfire: Will there be more instalments of “Is Andrew Bynum in costume or not?” or games Bynum actually plays for the Sixers this year?

  4. Last year, Jeremy Lin did the impossible. He is in an athletic inspiration for us all, proving once again, that if you believe in yourself and you have talent, you can make anything happen. Great to see an Asian athlete, who against all odds, was not supposed to succeed in the sport. Well he did, and in doing so, broke a stereotype that made us all question our beliefs in society, culture and the American dream. Congratulations to Jeremy Lin and to the proud Asian community all over the world. Now Jeremy, DO IT AGAIN!!

    Here is the song by Omar Alexander:


    • Jeremy Lin had 10 good games. What Jeremy Lin taught me was that if u try real hard and never give up on your dream, you might get a good month in your life before all the critics are proven correct

      • I’d bet Lin won’t be able to reach and sustain Linsanity-like output again. However, he’s still a starting PG (and at worst, a solid rotation player) in the world’s greatest basketball league. That is an amazing accomplishment.

        • lin is better then Jose Cauldron … nobody talks about how horrible that dude is on defense. Lin is a decent PG.

  5. ya the dude is messing with us… We shall call him Toad

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