Ep. 873: Too Much Torque

On Monday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones list their weekend winners and losers. Thumbs down for Andrew Bynum’s bowling form, Rondo and Rivers gunnin’ for a pointless assist stat, and those hapless Washington Wizards. Thumbs up for the Lakers’ new offense, Lillard’s leadership, and the streakin’ Grizzlies.

All that, plus GSP, Five Guys, RG III, Moo Milk Bar commercials, a possible Ryan scale, and a frog.


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Comments (27)

  1. Looks like Mr. TK is one fellow who doesn’t keep his cookies in the bathroom.

  2. Nice sponsorship!

  3. I agree to a Ryan scale, but only if I am the lowest level Ryan used.

  4. guys, what is the name of the intro song?

  5. Rondo’s a headcase, Doc Rivers needs to keep him engaged and interested. If this assist streak is keeping Rondo invested, then Doc needs to keep it alive. I don’t really blame Doc for that.

  6. That GSP ad was great!

  7. ryan sheckler is definitely the lowest ryan

  8. Just a note on Lillard’s dunk… There was no free food on the line. Lamarcus had already secured the free Chalupas when he scored the 100th point on a free throw. Lillard had the ball with 3 seconds left in the game, Chicago stopped defending, and he just moseyed over and dunked it. The etiquette breach was that the Bulls had already conceded the game.

    • Thing is, it looked like the last Bulls player might’ve been running toward him, so it’s tough to say what was going on. You could see the hesitation before the dunk. Also, not a great defense, but in college, they foul down 10, 11 points so Lillard being a rookie might’ve just assumed they do that up here too.

    • It gave me a win for my fantasy team by pulling even in the points category… I shit you not.

      I think Lillard knew this.

  9. love Trey’s blog posts, hate his involvement on podcats

  10. Corn Nuts?
    How about them corn nuts?


    “Go to your room! We won’t tell!”

  11. Another great show guys. Adding Leigh to the Fix is the single best improvement this year. And it’s wise to be weary of horses because they have the constant look of fear AND crazy in their eyes.

  12. i dont get this whole Lillard thing. what is it with US sports that you don’t play til the end of the game. Sure if you tried that in Australia, someone would probably nail you, but that said, there weren’t any bulls players around to stop him. If you don’t want him to dunk it, play some defence. they’re getting paid enough to play the whole 48 minutes, not just 47.30. fans love dunks. he was playing at home, good on him for giving the fans what they want

  13. I’ve gone to a bunch of Wizards games and I think they always have that promotion for every opposing free throw shooter in the 4th quarter. They’re trying to encourage fans to get loud so that the shooter is more likely to miss.

  14. mad men are known for their passing are they, Tas?

  15. Doesnt matter to me if Rondo beats the assist streak cause all he does it pass. Magic and Stockton still scored while distributing, but Rondo rarely looks to score. Not impressed if he beats this streak

  16. Favourite part of the show was hands down the “I am cow, here me moo’ drop. Nice work Matty O and Ryan!

  17. Congratulation to Tas for making it in the Huff Post list of top NBA related twitter accounts!!!
    Too bad they put him at #40, and did not include other TBJ team members….

  18. I wonder if you would attack any other player like you did Rondo.
    Who cares? They knew they are gonna lose, Rondo really doesn’t need the rest that much. So why the hell wouldn’t they have fun with it?

    And to assume that Doc would lose his job if Rondo wasn’t happy, that is stretching it a bit, don’t you think?

    • Only worry is him getting injured, which I think is fair. Especially with a coach who tends to rest his stars.

      If Rondo – their only real hope for the future, is under contract there – and he hates the head coach, I don’t think it’s a stretch. As much as everyone loves Doc, there are plenty of examples of coaches being axed around the league because of that. I’m not saying it’s right.

      By the way, I think they tried to trade Ray last year because they wanted to move on from him and change the skills of their personnel, not because Ray and Rondo didn’t get along.

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