A pump fake, a set of teeth and an inadvertent bite to the head is all it took for Jason Kidd to sport a headband like Slick Watts, covering up the seven stitches that Lance Stephenson gave him by accident. To be kind, it was an interesting look. To be mean-spirited, ugh gross let’s hope Jason Kidd never wears a headband again because it is weird.

As it happens, at least one Knick is in the second camp. From the AP:

The only thing they want to change is Kidd’s wardrobe, after watching a cut on his head force him into the headband that had its own Twitter account by the end of the game.

”Not a good look,” [Carmelo] Anthony said. ”Today he had to do what he had to do, but we’re not going to allow that.”

Hey, what Carmelo Anthony says goes. If he says you look stupid in a headband and you’re not allowed to wear one again, you’re not wearing a headband again. That’s just how it goes in Knicksville.

Lucky for everyone involved, Jason Kidd agrees he looked terrible.

”Yeah, that’s not my style,” said the 39-year-old Kidd, wearing a bandage on the right side of his head. ”I’ll leave that to the guys who like the headband.”

OK good, crisis averted. The Knicks went through too much drama last year, and are off to too good of a start this season, to be derailed by a thin strip of terrycloth. It’s good that they can all squash this band beef and leave wearing headbands to the pros who have been doing it their entire careers, like Carmelo Anthony.

I’m not sure where that leaves a sometime-headband wearer like Amar’e Stoudemire or a recent adopter like Ronnie Brewer, but it bodes well that two important players like this are able to agree on how bad Jason Kidd looks in a headband. It might seem silly now, but that could be an important part of team building as the season progress.

Just keep that stupid thing off your head, Jason. Or else.