Ballin: Kobe Bryant and Kevin Durant both went for triple-doubles (the first of Durant’s career, btdubs) yesterday — and Joakim Noah was two assists away from notching his own — so that is a pretty successful day, basketball-wise.

Not so much: Good gourd, Pacers. Another sub-80-point game? Three times already this season? And another four sub-90? Yikesies.

Hello: Terrence Jones, good at dunking.

Yep, pretty good at dunking.

Passersby: It is pretty amazing that Jose Calderon notched 18 assists yesterday, especially considering the Raptors only made 38 baskets. It is even more impressive that when you go to see how many times that high of a number has been tallied this season, you see that Rajon Rondo has already bettered it twice.

Again?: Someone tell Metta World Peace to stop flapping his arms around every time he makes a layup. There are people around.

This is like when you’re trying to fall asleep, but you’re twisting and turning, then you accidentally elbow your bedmate in the nose. (Trust me, it happens.) It’s still technically an accident, but you need to have a little awareness of what is going on around you.

Comeback player of the year: I know the answer is probably “no,” but is Andray Blatche’s 22 points on 11-12 shooting in just 19 minutes the greatest game of his career? Sure, it was against the Kings, but still.

Not good: Tell me if I am wrong, but I think these are pretty bad combined stats for a starting backcourt who played 68 total minutes — 6-27 shooting, 1-8 from three, four assists and eight turnovers. Thanks for nothing, Kyrie Irving and Dion Waiters.

High jump: Russell Westbrook, also good at dunking.

Take a charge, geez. (Just joking. Don’t do it. Unless you have a VERY good dental plan.)

Newsies: Pretty nice fact from the AP — the Detroit Pistons have had a double-digit lead in each of their four home games. Yesterday’s 20-point beatdown of the Celtics is the first time they’ve held one.

Other things: Here is the best Andrew Bynum bowling GIF you could ever hope to see … Spencer Hawes has taken to wearing his America headband in postgame interviews because he is very American … Cool stat grab, Rajon Rondo … I really hope that this becomes the new way of wearing headbands, even if it does mean getting stitches in your head … Bernie Bickerstaff finished his interim coaching gig yesterday, leaving the head seat with a Lakers record .800 winning percentage

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  1. Omer Asik just throwing the ball in Terrence Jones’ general direction…lol

  2. World Peace my ass… He smacked him with full intent for sure :)) Haha, not like he was spinning or anything.

  3. This is like when you’re trying to fall asleep, but your twisting and turning, then you accidentally elbow your bedmate in the nose.

    very true

  4. Trey,
    I know you’re not a Rondo fan (I’m a Rondo fan), but can we all agree to stop calling him an MVP candidate when he’s passing up lay-ups for dead-legged 18-footers by Brandon Bass? I’m not just talking about the farcical fourth quarter, the reason Boston got in that mess last night was because guys were afraid of dribbling off the catch lest a bucket go unassisted. Doc should have benched him.

  5. Nice transition defense Dwight Howard. Dawdle down the court and then point at the guy making 1/20th of your salary to take the charge.

  6. Flop warning for Meeks?

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