Ep. 874: No Phone, No Firing

On Tuesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones recap an entertaining night of NBA ball. Topics discussed include: Eric Bledsoe and the Clippers’ offensive rebounds, Matt Bonner, the Spurs’ banged-up small forwards, The Rooster, Steph Curry vs. O.J. Mayo, Monta Ellis’ polarizing game, the scrappy Bobcats, Hibbert, and the Kyrie Irving injury news.

All that, plus “America’s (NBA) Team,” disappointing turkeys, the best non-rookie-scale contracts in the L, Washington cell phones, and Kate Moss back tattoos.


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  1. I wasn’t aware that Zack Morris was the original troll face.

  2. John Wall is overrated.

  3. The Rockets have the best Black Friday-type deal with Chandler Parsons’ contract. He makes well under $1 million this year, and for the next two seasons.

    • That guy’s pretty good. reminds me of a bigger brent barry.

    • Hard to argue against Parsons ($888,250 this year, $926,500 next year, $964,750 the year after).

      But FWIW, Eric Bledsoe: $1,707,720 this year, $2,626,473 next year

      • What about the Knicks sweet lil 2yr/2mil deal with JR??? gotta enjoy that. One of the 6th man contenders (early i know) and a fan favourite AND his Twitpics!!!! Best contract out (though Rondo’ is amazing long term

  4. Guys, America’s team is clearly the Bulls. During the Jordan years, the whole country watched them. It didn’t even matter if you were a basketball fan, you still watched Jordan.

    Because of WGN, they’re broadcast more places than almost any other team. Bulls fans come out of the woodwork wherever the team plays on the road.

    Every major American city has a large number of homeless vagrants wearing oversized Bulls gear from thrift shops.

    People who don’t like football wear Cowboys gear. People who don’t like basketball wear Bulls gear. Because the Bulls are MORE than a basketball team here in the States. They’re America’s team.

    • ^^^The Celtics and Lakers pretty much cancel each other out… so BULLS it is (no clear defined rival but admired across the board)… ask all the Indiana residents (ie Freddie Gibbs) who are Da Bulls fans to this day despite having a team named for their state and a 28yo (or anyone over 21 tbh) Australians who they view as the “American Team”.

  5. The Kate scale is the best..

  6. sheckler’s a pro skater

  7. You take tooo long to upload this on to you tube. Bring back the old itunes feed.

    • The lateness of yesterday’s show was an aberration as we were having technical problems. That being said, we agree that the show should generally be up earlier. This is something that we’ll be able to remedy when we’re in our new studio sometime in the next 3 months or so. Also, having an iTunes video feed wouldn’t get you the show any faster as we’d still need to go through the same process of editing the show and exporting it which is what’s taking the bulk of the time. Thanks for watching the show!

  8. I was gonna get on here and rag on Trey for being all fat, but instead, I’ll just say that was a really good show (even though Trey was still all fat). EXCEPT, Leigh, this was way better than a Winslet. This was your chance to deliver the Beckinsale. Dont become the 2011 Heat. MattyO dropped in nicely, Tas took a cool picture pre-show, and Skeets avoided the whopping cough.

  9. Skeets, the Clippers also wear red, white, and blue unis. And Leigh missed that one too.

  10. Is the TBJ store still around?

    • It is, but there’s no stock right now. Shirts have been put on the backburner ’cause theScore sold its TV station and our shirts aren’t of the highest priority (which is understandable). Hopefully, we’ll have them in the next few months.

  11. Private Ryan should be on the Ryan scale!

  12. Kyrie has gotten bitten by the Black Mamba

  13. yo jose calderon has got to get freed and play for a real team. also jj redick too.

  14. You guys say its hard to have a team with a closer who’s a post player. But how is that Dirk Nowitzki is able to dominate in the last two minutes of the game?

  15. Bulls are America’s team… they have more fans internationally and out of the CHI area in general…. Blame MJ

  16. I find it ironic that the Vancouver, er, excuse me, the Memphis Grizzlies are America’s team since they were Canada’s team barely a decade ago.

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