There’s something about a little adversity that brings out the humor in NBA coaches. Whether it’s going through the indignity of being asked a harmless question by a sideline reporter doing their job or suffering through the worst start to a season in franchise history, dealing with a little hardship is great for coach quotes.

It’s no different with Rick Adelman, whose Timberwolves have roughly 62 injured players right now. But that’s not stopping him from slinging some zingers, regarding those injuries. From the Timberwolves PR Twitter:

Adelman says Pek will play tomorrow vs. Denver. He joked, ‘I hope he doesn’t go bowling tonight.’

Another great one from Rick: “We have banned knuckle pushups. Maybe we ought to get rid of bowling; we do have some knee injuries.”

If you’re scoring at home, that’s an Andrew Bynum joke and a Kevin Love joke all mixed in to a Timberwolves injury bit. Pretty strong performance, all things considered.

And really, this is how NBA coaches should handle injuries. Scientists say laughter is the best medicine, so might as well put that theory to the test. If it holds true, then you’ve not only had a laugh at your bad fortune, you’ve also turned things around for your team. More jokes for everyone.