The only thing that could make this better is Lamar Odom pulling off an over-the-head-while-sliding-back dribble, but he’s kind of busy relearning how to regular dribble so we can let that one go. Otherwise, I’m enjoying the NBA’s holiday ad, “BIG: Color,” which is due to start running tomorrow night and will coincide with the release of the one-color Winter Court jerseys that you’ll see on a bunch of teams this holiday season.

For a follow-up, I’m hoping the league calls back every NBA player who has ever had the word “dog” in their nickname — including Antoine Carr, Glenn Robinson and Jerome Williams, among others — and gets them to bark out “Jingle Bells.” It’s an idea that’s just crazy enough that it might work.

Comments (8)

  1. How many takes did it take to get D12 in sync with everyone else?

  2. wade, always letting everyone else do the work

  3. I need to see the behind the scenes of this to see what they were all staring at so intently. Hopefully it was Metta World Peace doing some conducting.

  4. dwade popping a squat with no shame

  5. In the filming of this, how many times do you think Dwight screwed up and then sang the part and thought it was the funniest joke ever?

  6. Somebody just got on the illustrious Yahoo News…

  7. Absolutley wonderful

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