Ep. 875: Keep Hackin’

On Wednesday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss Mike D’Antoni’s Lakers debut, why in the world Avery Johnson didn’t stick with the Hack-a-Dwight strategy, Reggie Evans’ inevitable flop fine, ‘Melo’s sweet touch, Jason Kidd’s smarts, and the hottest new Raptors hashtag around — #FreeJV!

All that, plus your mail (which includes questions about new NBA awards, trapped players, and mic’d segments), as well as bankers, Brisbane, and Jack Taylor’s 138-point night.


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  1. Dude I love it when you guys talk about Raptors news. My favorite part of your show! Not enough people talk abou the raps

    • I think Skeets and Tas are trapped in a abusive relationship with the raptors. Things are often bad but they can’t just walk away and leave.

  2. I like the idea of which player needs new scenery, and agree about Bargnani. Such a disappointment given what we saw at the beginning of last year. :(

    You guys should open Tas’ NBA 2K13 and simulate a season with some of the player scenery changes?

  3. LaMarcus Aldridge strikes me as the most “Trapped” player; he has been at it for a while, carrying sub-par Blazers teams ravaged by injury and desperate roster moves to Western Conference respectability. He has been more effective than Kevin Love and Blake Griffin, but gets half the pub; and he can actually score during crunch time.

    • Lamarcus Aldridge is better than Kevin love? Hahahahahahahahahha

      • Kevin Love bricks shots at the end of games(you know, when teams actually start playing D), LaMarcus makes them. They’re both franchise PFs, I’d just take the guy who doesn’t get his shot altered at the rim so easily.

        • I’ll take the guy who rebounds, passes, and shoots better overall. And KLove would not defer to a rookie

          • Sounds good for a fantasy team, but winning games against good teams has more to doing with getting easy shots against tough 4th quarter defense than grabbing high volume rebounds on a small ball team.

            Aldridge has been durable throughout his career, logging major minutes for playoff contending teams. Meanwhile Kevin Love gets hurt, and hurt again. If he could stay healthy or not get his shot blocked in the post Love would obviously be the better player.

            Remember, health is a skill.

          • Defer to a rookie? Leading all PFs in usage rate really doesn’t sound like deference. KLove and LaMarcus touch the ball exact same amount, you know, when Love is healthy.

          • Someone obviously hasn’t watched Blazer games this season and fails to recognize how selfish Love is in pursuit of his rebounding numbers.

          • If only one of te jones would step in and rule on this. Where are you trey kerby

          • If the rookie you defer to is Damien Lillard you’re not in bad shape

    • Nate, you are not following the Blazers. Their starting 5 leads the NBA in offensive production and is the only team with 2 guys averaging 20pts..bad pick for a guy who’s trapped. LaMarcus loves Portland and his team.

    • First of all, my I direct your attention to two Kevin Love game-winners from last year and we can agree to stop talking about “clutch offense”

      Game-winning 3 vs. LA:

      Game-winning FTs vs Phi (watch him go hard to the hoop to draw that foul):

      Oh and then there was this shot against the Thunder that sent the game into OT (do you remember the game? The one where Kevin Love scored 51 points?):

      I won’t say anything bad about LA’s “clutchiness” but let’s agree that saying Kevin Love can’t score during crunch time is ridiculous.

      I’ve probably watched every minute of basketball that Love has played over the past two seasons, and while you’re right that he doesn’t overpower defenders at the rim, Kevin Love’s signature move is getting an amazing offensive rebound (often on his own misses) and then immediately drawing a foul going back up.

      Love accomplishes this trick by 1) using his innate ability to sense where the ball will come off the glass 2) jumping and grabbing the board with one arm, often trapping it between his bicep and forearm like a vice 3) hopping immediately when he hits the ground so that his upward momentum carries him into the body of a defender who is still on his way DOWN from jumping for the initial rebound attempt. BOOM. Whistles blow. Defender’s face shows he has no idea what hit him. Love sinks the freebies (career 82% shooter). It’s effective all game long. Even in the 4th. You can’t get an easier shot “against tough 4th quarter defense” than a FT.

      Kevin Love is 24. LaMarcus Aldridge is 27. And saying LA is healthier than Love is laughable. LA has had hip and shoulder surgeries and has been treated for a health condition. Love has missed time primarily because the Wolves were smart enough not to play their best player in garbage games at the end of a garbage season. In 2010, Love missed 18 games after breaking a finger on his NON-SHOOTING hand. Were the Wolves still playing significant games, I guarantee he’d return the very next game. By why risk hurting your franchise player when the games are meaningless? It’s the same reason Love never returned at the end of last season, even after he healed from his concussion. Love has broken a few fingers and his hand and has had a concussion. I’ll take that over knee surgery and a heart condition every day of the week.

      Will LaMarcus ever average more than 10 rebounds per game? His closest was 8.7 in 39.6 mpg during the 2010-2011 season.

      Will Kevin Love ever average less than 10 rebounds per game? The only time in 4 years he hasn’t was his rookie season when he averaged 9.1 rebounds in 25.3 mpg as a 20-year-old.

      So basically your argument holds no weight. I’d say we’ll settle this in the playoffs, but your team won’t be there. But look on the bright side, at least LA is trapped in Portland and you get to watch the 3rd or 4th best power forward in the league every night.

      • Trapped? I’ll take the Rose Garden and Blazers anyday over the Wolves. LaMarcus does not chase stats. It’s about team first. Listen to LaMarcus’ thoughts on http://www.trailblazers.com player video profile and you’ll see he wants to be a Blazer for life

        • I don’t really have a dog in the “LA is trapped” fight. I was just trying to respond to the ridiculous idea that LA is a better player than Kevin Love. I think there are several teams that are worse to be on than the Blazers.

          The Blazers have great fans, a well-run franchise and some quality players. I believe in Nic Batum. I’d much rather be on the Blazers than the Suns/Kings/Rockets/Wizards/Magic/Bobcats etc.

          But I do think the immediate outlook is better for the Wolves over the next 3 years than it is for the Blazers.

          • I’m guessing this these LAldridge lovers consider scoring the only thing that matters in crunch time but I’d rather have the player that averages nearly as many offensive rebounds as Lamarcus averages defensive rebounds and love can score in the post and can also step out and get you a 3 pointer. Already a more complete player at 24

          • are we seriously debating if lamarcus aldridge is better than kevin love? is it 2009?

          • You have some good points about Love being an effective player, Scott. I personally hadn’t noticed Batum’s continued growth. It’s a good sign going forward.

            I personally don’t feel too bad for the players on the Suns/Kings/Rocktets/Cavs/Bobcats/Wizards/Pistons; most of their players are too young to have earned freedom or are just too ineffective to earn freedom.

            But back to Love vs Aldridge, because I think this is a really good debate. They’re two of the most similar players in the league, sharing an equal burden for what have been equally undermanned teams.

            Aldridge is almost every bit the FT shooter that Love is. He hit 81% last year. You shouldn’t foul either guy late. Love did a better job of getting to the line. I’d give him(Love) the edge in FTs, but it’s worth noting that LA doesn’t pass up on his freebies. Cool links, though. You have to love the drive.

            Individual game winners aside, I wasn’t trying to make a point that Love ISN’T clutch, just that he has far more difficulty scoring during tight games. I also misread a stat causing me to believe that Love shot a lower percentage late in games last year than he actually did(I read 44%, it’s closer to a respectable 48%) I’d still take LA late, but not by as wide of a margin.

            Which brings us to health; both have been injured at various points, but Love has missed a FAR HIGHER PERCENTAGE OF GAMES. Sorry for the caps, I just don’t know how else to say it. The fact that he has been more injury prone though 3 years LA’s junior is very concerning. I think this is the most important thing. Both guys could/should be carrying their squads to the playoffs year in and year out, only Love seems perpetually sidelined. Your noting the T’Wolves poor handling of his health is probably true, it still doesn’t change the fact that LaMarcus faces steep minutes and responsibilities also, he just stays healthy.

            Love is a great competitor and a true joy to watch. Both of which make it more and more troubling every time he misses significant time. KLove is active tonight; if he can stay healthy the rest of the season he will be well on his way to surpassing LA as a player. I won’t hold my breath.

          • I’m a Milwaukee Bucks fan for the record, but that “At least you get to watch the 3rd best PF every night” joke was pretty funny.

  4. Yes, there must be a system out there that helps Bargnani bust his ass and go after rebounds.

  5. u could make a case for a few players on the kings. it’s just a garbage franchise.

    • ..in part because they assemble garbage players. a bunch of ricky-davis-esque players it feels like. no need to free them imho

  6. I’m curious to see what Horford and Smith would do when split up too. If Smith leaves, would that help Horford? Not really “trapped” players, but just two guys that have been together for awhile.

  7. absolutely trade Bargnani – I’m sick of seeing his face! he is not going to get any better, especially not in TO. Trade him for a Vitamin Water vending machine, I really would not care. Trade anyone on this “team” aside from Lowry, JV and DeRozan.

    also completely agree about the ridiculous decision to sit JV the entire 4th when he was having one of his best games – no fouls!?

  8. Bargnano wasn’t too bad last night but there was no need to play him 40 effin minutes. Get Val in there or Ed. And Casey’s love for the 2 pg system is crazy. Holiday destroyed Calderon almost every time but he played most of the game

  9. Trade Bargnani for box of Primo pasta

  10. Matty O hatin all episode long with the drops today. grumpy mornin huh matty?

  11. I would love to see Andrea go to the Griz. We have already seen what they’re system has done to correct an ex-Raptor point guard Jerryd Bayless. Imagine Baragani in a good system.

  12. Guy who I think is trapped on a team is Luis Scola in Phoenix. He’s a player that would really be an asset if he had more talent around him.

  13. Guy I’d like to hear miked up besides Sheed who is #1 would be Meta World Peace just for entertainment reasons.

  14. most trapped player:

    tayshaun prince, i know he has fallen off across the board, but tell me one contending team which would not love to have this guy on the bench (or even starting as a 5th option)

    this, of course, will never happen since joe dumars decided to lock this guy up through age 72

  15. Where’s the video feed of this episode?

  16. “BrisVegas”, and its companion term “Brisneyland”, are conclusive proof we South East Queenslanders are the the masters of sarcasm. #LoveYaWorkLeigh

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