If you were watching last night’s Lakers-Nets game, then you heard Bill Macdonald and Stu Lantz riffing on Mike D’Antoni using Phil Jackson’s chair while recovering from knee surgery. But I got sour news for ya, Jack — that wasn’t Phil Jackson’s chair. It was a rogue chair with a booster seat, like a grandma/4-year-old at Pizza Hut.

From the Orange County Register:

There D’Antoni was Tuesday, 10 days after being hired, finally ready to make his on-court game debut, still answering questions about not only being given Phil Jackson’s job but also his chair. Literally his chair.

“I hope that’s not his chair,” D’Antoni said, smiling. “I hope that’s my chair. I’m just keeping it warm, I don’t know.”


Early Tuesday there were reports that D’Antoni, in an attempt to lessen the pain from his recently replaced knee, would be given the tall chair Jackson used while coaching here to comfort his various ailments.

Turns out, the team provided D’Antoni with a giant cushion. Who knows what the Lakers will issue D’Antoni to minimize the suffering the first time his team loses three games in a row?

Now that you are all caught up on what various Lakers coaches are putting under their butts, let’s just be amazed that Los Angeles’ glamor team has employed two coaches who need special chairs because their legs hurt all the time. I don’t know if that’s ever happened in the NBA before and I am not going to research it because I don’t want to go crazy.

Just know that if you are a famous basketball coach with sore joints, maybe you should try to coach the Lakers. As long as you’re not Mike Brown, they’ll do anything they can to make you more comfortable.