Because you read every single word that has ever been typed on this website, you already know that Nick Young made his miracle shot and had a legitimately amazing fourth quarter where he kind of carried an actual NBA team to a real-life victory. But that is not all that Nick Young did last night.

Here are some other things that Nick Young did last night which were arguably as awesome as those two things.

He Wore A Shirt with His Own Nickname On It

I don’t think it will shock anyone to learn that Nick Young has a sweatshirt with his own nickname on it. That’s like finding out Kobe Bryant appreciated a college kid scoring 138 points in a game — not surprising.

He Wants Others to Have the Same Shirt but He Doesn’t Even Know Where He Got It

From The 700 Level:

“Make sure you all go buy one of these,” Swaggy said referring to his sweatshirt bearing his name.

The funny thing was he doesn’t even know where you can get one because a fan sent it to him. He wasn’t even planning on wearing it, he said, but after the Sixers had such a wild successful fourth quarter, he obviously had a change of swag.

From the looks of it, he either got that sweatshirt from Pharrell Williams or my old website.

He Was Surprised So Many People Wanted to Talk to Him

More from The 700 Level:

“Y’all are here for Swaggy P.?” Young exclaimed, welcoming the throng of reporters surrounding him in the locker room post game.

You might think “He Referred to Himself by His Nickname” should necessitate its own heading, but that is standard practice for him by now. In fact…

He Has Convinced His Head Coach to Call Him by His Nickname

Again, The 700 Level:

“Swaggy quietly has passed the ball very well,” Coach Collins said. “I’ve been very pleased with him.”

This is a guy who once dyed his hair platinum blonde during the Sisqolithic Era, so he’s actually the perfect guy to know who should and shouldn’t be called “Swaggy.” That’s weird to admit about a 61-year-old man, but it is true.

He Made All Those Reporters Happy That They Wanted to Talk to Him

This is maybe the best part. Nick Young dominated his postgame interview stuff like it was a banked-in corner three taken while falling out of bounds. From CBS Philadelphia:

“I didn’t want to hear Doug’s mouth,” he said. “Swaggy P came and delivered.”

That’s the cherry on the sundae of a great all-around basketball performance, as far as I’m concerned. From on-court highlights to hilarious shirts to the inclusion of peripheral characters, this was a tour de force of NBA memery. For one night, Nick Young reigned supreme. Never forget.