Great video, better cause, so this is 100 percent the best. High-fives to all these kids.

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  1. Internet is won. So great to see the happy side of things.

  2. Probably the most awesome thing I’ve seen on the Internet.

  3. Amazingly cool, super well done, just a great video.

  4. these kids deserve a larger court. i hope the NBA sees this

  5. hahaha, awesome.
    check out the credits, they’ve got someone playing Bill Simmons

    • And wearing a blue shirt holding a sign that says “FUTURE SPORTS GUY” No detail was spared, including McHale and Laimbeer running into each other and Laimbeer pleading for a technical. Exquisite.

    • He is holding up a sign saying “Future Sports Guy” (check 0:27)

  6. This is so awesome. Love it.

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