Ep. 876: We Found Love

On Thursday’s live episode of “The Fix,” The Jones discuss all 14 games from last night.

Topics include: Kevin Love’s surprising return, Thabo’s defense on Chris Paul, Miami’s Big Three all clickin’, the poor Wizards’ overtime loss, Paul George turning into Reggie Miller, VC’s fourth quarter, Valanciunas getting key minutes, Reggie Evans becoming the first NBA player to be fined for flopping, tired Lakers, a rejuvenated JO, the Bulls losing streak, this, a new Pargo, and Danny Green’s streak.

All that, plus an exhilarating round of NBA Hedbanz — the quick question game of “Who Am I?”

NOTE: Due to technical problems, audio quality is degraded from 11:11 to 18:18. Sorry.


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Comments (44)

  1. And, oh, Happy Thanksgiving Day, America. Eat that turkey, drink that gravy.

  2. Anyone else fired up about j-kidd’s 5X5?

  3. Happy turkey day from the states. Now on to the old lakers outplayed by that young kings team

  4. hey guys, whats wrong with the itunes feed?

    need my fix on the train in half an hour ;)

    • Technical problems left and right today. Both on our end, and iTunes.

      But we’re working on getting it up there — please hold tight, and consider taking the later bus.

  5. Props for “discussing all 14 games from last night”. I thought that my Bobcats would definitely get snubbed after such an active night of the NBA.

  6. Correction, he tied the record, Nic Batum had 9 threes in a game for the Blazers

  7. Darko’s leaving the league and country to take care of a personal matter certainly sounds nefarious given his history of violence, or at least threatening it.

    Idea for Darko’s second career: teams covertly hire him to intimidate players who turn lazy after getting big contracts. Suddenly Ilyosova’s energy increases when he starts seeing a tracksuited Darko at every liquor store, Burger King, and bar he goes to.

    • Jesus your a tool Norbs.

      The bloke’s mum is dying.

      I’m not sure about his violent past either, do a couple of rants constitute violence?

      Nice call mate.

  8. … his mother is fatally ill…

  9. So, do we place the blame for Darko’s career solely on Larry Brown? I say yes.

  10. So, Ilyasova is the new Hedo… then I’m looking forward to Tas’ skits of “Dancin’ ‘Sova”.

  11. Skeets’ is Jerry Sloan called that

  12. I need my audio feed!

  13. Over/Under on how many masturbation/magazine jokes Matt can take before he becomes an evil corporate lawyer

  14. you guys should do that game like once a week. like make a segment for it especially on days where there are very few games.

  15. you guys should play that game like once a week. like make a segment for it. especially on the days that have few games.

  16. No basketball to follow during the day at work.

    I have to actually work.

    This is fucked.

  17. I’m yelling Jerry Sloan. At the computer. JERRRRRYYYY SLLLLOOOOOAAAANNN.
    Damn it Phil. Get your shit together.

    Due to techincal issues and Trey constantly talking about how he’s growing his hair and how it looks I’d give that show a….Katie Middleton…which is the lowest I could think of.

    Almost made up for it with the end quote.

  18. Trey referred to Festus Ezeli “Festivus”. Good job man.

  19. I am wearing a Linen shirt right now, and most definitely grinnin’.
    Linen-The most underrated fabric? The Kyle Lowry of fabrics?

  20. Really lovin the drops in the last few days. Between the I am cow, hear me moo one and droppin some Aussie pride in Steve Irwin in there today, Matty O and Ryan/JD steppin up lately. Lovin it boys

  21. Definitely need to make that hedbandz game a permanent part of the show, and go as long as you want, responses were hilarious.

  22. yes, hedbanz needs to become a regular segment…

  23. was that an audio error or some sort of behinds the scenes PTI tribute

  24. is trey too cool to have his headband over his headphones

    clipper darell is certainly a PLAYA

    next week Matty O should have to play, and of course give him a player

  25. a Brian Austin Green reference… nice work Tas

  26. I may be in the minority here, but I think Headbanz needs to be a weekly thing! Also, I like how Tas got BY FAR the hardest one, and he got it super fast, and how Skeets got the easiest one and it took him like 10 minutes!

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