Ballin: “Kevin Love is back!” — Magic Johnson, talking about Kevin Love as if he were the dunk contest. 34 points, 14 rebounds, two assists, two steals and a block in his first action of the season, which came out of nowhere. His beard looked STRONG too.

Not so much: The Detroit Pistons went 8-44 from the field in the second half, turning their shot chart in to a teenager’s face. They scored as many points in the second half as the Magic did in the third quarter, and Orlando is the second-worst offensive team in the league right now.

Fancy pants: I literally didn’t know that Samuel Dalembert could do this.

Seems way too complicated for Sammy Dally, but things seem to have worked out OK. (Pretty good passes from Monta Ellis and Jarrett Jack too, if you were wondering.)

Bench mode: After last night’s 9-point victory over the 76ers, the Cleveland Cavaliers are now undefeated in games they’ve played without Kyrie Irving. Maybe one game is too small of a sample size to determine the following statement’s accuracy, but it looks like they are better off without him.

Spinsies: I guess yesterday was Role Players Making Great Plays Night in the NBA.

Seems like a mostly unnecessary spin that made a simple layup look awesome while confusing Omer Asik with its silliness. In other words, perfectly Nate Robinson. Unfortunately, Nate Rob didn’t think to throw in more spins on his way to 9-22 shooting in the Bulls’ loss in Houston.

Gouge away: Some nice buzzer-beaters last night, including Kyle Korver’s game-winner, Serge Ibaka’s leg-splayer, Stephen Curry’s four-pointer and Kyle Lowry’s half-ender. There were probably more but it’s impossible to keep track. Let me know.

New favorite: Hey, here’s the new best NBA fan who is a kid.

This kid is better than Fat Grizzlies Kid, Chubby Nets Fan and Good Job, Good Effort Kid. I won’t hear otherwise.

Get a hand up: 9-13 from three for Paul George, who made his first fourth quarter three of the season in the Pacers’ overtime win against the Hornets. Meanwhile, the Warriors shot 59 percent in the last three quarters of their win against the Nets.

Other things: The Knicks, Lakers and Trail Blazers all lost to teams with worse records than them, which is what we don’t call taking care of business … Reggie Evans became the first NBA player to be fined for flopping, no duh … Not sure which Chris Paul move I like better — the inside-out dribble that froze Kevin Durant or the all-the-way-behind-the-back dribble that he ripped off from Baron Davis …┬áIt just occurred to me that I haven’t mentioned the Spurs-Celtics game, but I’m sure you can figure out what happened (lots of assists for Rajon Rondo, lots of points for Tony Parker, a Spurs win, probably some old jokes) … Well, at least the Wizards found a new way to lose, so that is nice … TBJ will be slow today because it’s a) Thanksgiving and b) I have to drive to the USA-Canada border to do immigration stuff. It’s my way of honoring the Pilgrims or something