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On today’s Overdose, The Jones are thankful for a full NBA season, League Pass, the Clippers’ second unit, LeBron, Rasheed Wallace, and the soap opera that is the Los Angeles Lakers. After blessings, the guys discuss the Andrew Bynum dilemma, Kevin Love and Nene returning to action, whether the anti-flopping crackdown is working, the Celtics waiving Darko, and other classic NBA underachievers.

All that, plus Festus Ezeli puns, man boobs, Muppets, David Brent, technology, and the 100th Grey Cup.


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  1. What player are you guys using now?

  2. I am thankful for bow-ties. Not enough of them, and glad NBA players are bringing them back.

  3. Tas +1
    League Pass Broadband is awesome. saving me out here in India

    • Same here in Belgium. The only bumer is there’s no way to watch NBA tv where they host interesting shows and documentaries….

    • League Pass Broadband (US) is freaking terrible. What a waste of my money. Half the games dont load or they have terrible lag speeds. I had the pistons raptors game drop out with 4 mins to go and could never get it back. No 15 minute game summary like Skeets mentioned, no easy navigation between quarters. The International version must be much better.

  4. I reckon Barkley was an underachiever. Great career, but left a lot on the table. Simmons pretty much nailed it in his book comparing him to Malone. Malone got the absolute best out of his body, Barkley didn’t.

    • Errr… That sounds weird, hearing that a 6’4 player who played so much bigger than his size would be called an underacheiver…
      Malone is an underachiever for psychological reasons. The guy just wasn’t so much of a big game player. Don’t get me wrong he was awesome.

      • Oh please. Don’t call all time greats like Barkley and Malone underachiever. That’s nuts. At least go for someone like Chris Webber.

        • I think it was Skeets who called Shaq an underachiever. I’m going off that same logic. How Barkley or Malone never won a title has been well documented, and given they’re talent, I believe they underachieved.

  5. Where did the mp3 go??

  6. ‘Melo is used as an example of team-first player.

    The mayans were right, there will not a be a 2013.

  7. cant listen to it guys! mp3 stream isnt there!

  8. It doesn’t play and there’s no mp3

  9. Strange Law: In Toronto, it’s illegal to drag a dead horse down Yonge Street on a Sunday.

  10. thanks for the show!

  11. I don’t like this new player you guys are using, it lags too much.

  12. I jloooooooved taz’s darko song, best song ever?

  13. Vince Carter has to be the biggest underachiever. When he cared he was unstoppable. Such a great 3 point shooter, could jump out of the gym. From a skill set standpoint I think he’s more talented then someone like Kobe but he would just settle for three’s, whine and just stay un-engaged at times.

    • you must be joking if you vince carter is better than kobe lol in any way shape or form

      • He didn’t say better just more talented there’s a big difference…the argument could easily be made. No question that he was more athletic. I would also say his shot was around the same level.

        • his shot was not at the same level. give me a break.
          vince is in his 17th season and is averaging i think 12 ppg. whats kobe averaging? nuff said

          • I don’t know, his first year with the Nets he shot over 40% from the 3. Something Kobe’s never managed to do. I’m not saying that he is or ever was a better player than Kobe just that he possessed around the same talent level but failed to utilize this talent.

          • cmon you just dont get the point

          • That’s the point of calling him an underachiever

    • Vinsanity did underachieve. Him and Kobe were pretty comparable early in their careers. Vince was a better outside shot back then(about 40% from 3), and an equal at attacking the rim. Once he stopped going inside and getting to the line (1050 FTAs in his second and third seasons, a 2 yr stretch he didn’t match until he was a Net) defenders would crowd his outside shot and he became a much less effective player.

      Never a great passer or defender, always lacking in toughness and leadership.”Once he lost his world class agility he became a shell of his former self. I’d say he’s a bigger disappointment than T-Mac. At least Vince got to put his cap and gown on and attend his graduation ceremony.

  14. It’s still not up on iTunes. More technical difficulties?

  15. The NBA did have games on Thanksgiving in 2010. Then of course there was the lockout in 2011. So it seems new that the NBA takes a day off on Thanksgiving?

  16. WHen will the basketball jones host court surfing again? Greg Sansone is cool but the Jones just on nother level when it comes to bball talk.

    • it will never happen again, rogers owns thescore tv channel now, while the scoremedia is independent. case in point, the guys losing their old studio for the podcast room

  17. Lamar Odom for underachiever, the guy is 6’10″ and a great passer, could shoot, I just always though he could be a top 5 player in the NBA, just didnt have the drive

  18. any vid coming soon? Maybe there’s someone choking again, greetings to J.E.Skeets :)

  19. Just watched yesterday’s show. Absolutely loved NBA headbands, you guys should play it more often. Screw Matty-O.

  20. Here is a translation of Darko’s rant at refs:
    A reporter: “Darko, first impressions, can you just go there… Darko Milicic…Congratulations despite the loss…First impressions?”
    Milicic: “Nothing…Those three huge shitheads…Those two puss…three pussies of refs ripped us off…That is what happened…Those pussies, those shitheads…They think that they are some big shots…I’ll come there and I’ll f**k their mothers, all three of them…That is my only message…PUSSIES!!! All three of them! The complacent Italian dick, I’ll f**k his mother in the c**t, bro…This is what I have to say…”
    A reporter: “Darko, calm down…Impressions about the game…”
    Milicic: “Shithead!!! Suck some of my c**k! Write that down…All three of them…The first, the second and the third…I don’t give a f**ck who they are…This is what I have to say…”
    Reporter says something about physical play, no-calls
    Milicic: “Pussies!!! He didn’t call anything! He shat his pants! I’ll facef**k his mommy, man…If he has a daughter, I’ll f**k her too…”
    A reporter: “Does this game inspire hope, nevertheless”
    Milicic: “It does (sarcastically)…You see…We are fighting here…I’m dead tired, man…I’m about to get an infusion, you know…and they ripped us off like we are scum…Well, that’s it..” Walks away.

    • Wow. You would have thought he could have put some of this rage towards not sucking at basketball.

  21. embrace your tits people.

  22. Will you put an MP3 back up? It only seems that M4a files are available now?

  23. I wonder how strong the fire is for Bynum now. He’s been an all star, won a couple of champs, had injury struggles. Maybe not a franchise guy to build around, a great 2-3 option on a good team.

  24. Great show as usual guys. I love Matt’s new ‘Snakes are a part of everyday life’ drop. It’s pretty great to hear that every time Leigh says something especially random and Australian.

  25. Stevie Franchise, I remember JVG saying during the NBA finals that he wished he had handled Francis like Brooks has handled Westbrook. Tmac would have never been on the rockets.

  26. Beatles/NBA mash-Up

    “We all live in a Melo Submarine”

  27. By popular demand, the show just wasn’t the same without seeing those mighty teet-wagons dangle, tremulously, abreast Trey. Even Liz Lemon gets Spanx. Now that Darko’s gone, are we really doubting that AK47 wasn’t sent here for purposes other than basketball? MattyO in Leprechaun 7 straight to video!

  28. new player and .m4a file aren’t working for me under linux at my office (where I should be working)

    ..the old player and mp3′s we’re nice, however…

  29. Who cares less about basketball producer Matt or Andrew Bynum?

  30. Let me just add in that on the tennis circuit, Trey (and Matt for those with a fetish) would be a hot commodity on the tour. Jiggle away you basketball jones why don’t you (balki barktokomous).

  31. can we get the mp3′s back? m4a doesn’t work on my mp3 player (obviously, coz it is a mp3 player). sad day…no TBJ

  32. true that on the wanker of the week. conspiracy by michael jordan, ed malloy and violet palmer against the raps.

  33. Evan Turner would be my pick for current underachiever. He shows his versatility from time to time but is THE definition of inconsistency. I just feel like he has so much potential but something about his work ethic and attitude that still hasn’t worked going into his third season.

  34. What happens when the waiter still hasn’t brought over his order? He becomes Restlus Ezeli

  35. Hey, quick Q, I’ve got NBA League Pass International (Canada) and I can’t figure out how to watch those “condensed games” How do you do that?

    • The condensed games usually aren’t available until a few hours after the game finishes. On the left side of the screen, above all the games, there is a ‘FULL GAME’ tab with a little arrow. Switch that to ‘CONDENSED’

  36. skeets, why was the grinnell record a joke? they arent on scholarships and are playing a style of ball that is at least novel – i dont see the harm, and this is probably the kids only 15 minutes in the news

    • If you watch the highlights he doesnt even pass halfcourt to go back on D, might as well have been a short guy with a mic beside him yelling every time he hit a shot.

  37. Biggest underachiever of the last 25 years? Derrick Coleman gets my vote. Legit 6’10″ lefty with a high basketball IQ who could post with the best of them, shoot the deep ball, face up and beat guys off the dribble and kill it from midrange. He also really liked donuts…REALLY liked donuts.

    • If the Lakers hold the same coaching standard, Mike D’Antoni has three games before he gets fired.

  38. Shaq skeets? Hes one of the best centers of all time. Insanely dominant during the his prime. Shouldn’t even be mentioned in the discussion

    • Shaq himself even admits he didn’t practice his defense and free throws as much as he should’ve throughout the years. If that guy worked out in the offseason and out his team first, he would’ve won more rings than Jordan. He absolutely should be in the discussion.

  39. One of the best episodes in a while, love the pun gun this week. Keep up the great work.

  40. new player sucks

  41. Chris webber is an underachiever. If you replayed his career it would turn out better 9 out of 10 times. Plus, if not for the refs (02) and that injury (03) we would talk about a one or even two time champ and his career would be judged differently. Shoulda woulda coulda

  42. Kwame Brown. He had Karl Malone’s musculature, 5-spot height, ran the floor like a small forward, and shared a mental patient’s grasp on reality. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a more naturally gifted athlete produce so little without a catastrophic knee, achilles, hip, or spine injury to blame.

    Speaking of catastrophic knee injuries, it seems hard to include Darius as a disappointment. His poor attitude could have improved, look at Paul Pierce. That knee was/is never going to get any better, for a player whose game was so vertical it seemed elementary that it was all over after it happened.. Jay Williams, Ming Yao, Antonio Mycdess Alonzo Mourning, Penny Hardaway and Marques Johnson could be considered let downs by the same logic.

  43. Guys I always thought could’ve done better and can’t use injury as an excuse:

    Derrick Coleman
    Kenny Anderson
    Vin Baker
    Allen Iverson (what could he have done if he practiced?)
    Marquis Daniels
    Qyntel Woods
    Steve Francis
    Stephon Marbury
    Michael Ray Richardson

    And of course Andris Biedrins….still holding out hope for him though….

  44. m4a file isn’t playing on my windows computer. Can you guys post mp3′s instead?

  45. You know why he isn’t a studio gangsta? He’s E-Z-Ely

  46. Hey everyone – another League Pass Broadband (US) question. Tas said that he used LP Broadband and watched games on his iPad, but I can’t get that to work. When I try to log in using the Game Time app on my iPad, it says that my account is not set up to play on the device. And when I try to go through Safari/some other browser to launch it like it would on my PC, it can’t launch because of the no Flash player issue. Obviously LP’s customer service sucks, so does anyone know how I would do this?

    Thanks guys

    - A faithful BJ Army soldier

  47. So do you remove the comments from the guy about Trey’s tits? I want to see those man

    • quote: By popular demand, the show just wasn’t the same without seeing those mighty teet-wagons dangle, tremulously, abreast Trey. Even Liz Lemon gets Spanx. Now that Darko’s gone, are we really doubting that AK47 wasn’t sent here for purposes other than basketball? MattyO in Leprechaun 7 straight to video!
      end quote

  48. Chronic underachievers…Antwan Jamison..talented, just always looked like he needed B vitamins..lethargic. Glen Robinson another one. Christian Laetner another one. Mike Bibby..of course..Devin Harris…honorable mention. Boobie Gibson mostly for his nickname.

  49. I’d add Rodney Stuckey to the list along with Charlie Villenueva

  50. I’d say Trey’s tits are underachievers.

  51. I know you guys are having a laugh during “Tweet of the week”, but it’s not that funny to hear Leigh read twitter-handles.

  52. I think JR Smith is one of the biggest underachievers in the nba. The guy can shoot the lights out, jump out of the gym, has a smooth handle and is the ideal size (6’6) for a shooting guard. He has the physical tools to be a top 10 player but unfortunately his extremely poor judgement and sub-par effort make him a pretty average player who is only good in bursts.

  53. Wheres the audio feed? Its no longer displaying on this page.

  54. Hey guys, great show, just wondering where it fell on the Kate scale??

  55. Festus Ebeerleague, nuf said.

  56. What Overdose was the Darko and other songs from? Would love to go back and listen to those.

  57. What is his favorite dead rapper?

    Festus Eazy-E

  58. Where’s the podcast gone from iTunes? Episode 876 is showing as most recent?

  59. some random thoughts on this ep

    is the name Trey some sort of Total Recall, number of boob reference?

    certainly one of funniest eps in a while

    How can one download a ringtone of the Tas Darko song??

    Can we get another round of songs?

    Why does Lee’s David Brent have a chinese accent?

  60. J.R. Smith is a player that could be so much better than he currently is. Terrence Williams is another player who has, at least so far. I truly thought he was going to be somewhat of a mini Lebron in his own right.

  61. can a recorder be added to the Darko song?

    btw how the hell did Matty O know that Kwame Brown, Amare and Landry were basketball players

  62. went back and re-listened to 805, some brilliantly hilarious songs, time for more, perhaps a duet from Tas and Matt

    whats more hilarious is the comments page on the 805 episode are all serious basketball related and nothing about the genius of the nba player songs

  63. What was darko wearing after he ripped his jersey?

    A Vestus Ezeli

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