How much would you pay to watch the Wizards play an NBA basketball game in person? Zero dollars? Me too, which is why this Craigslist deal is such a steal for us.

I guarantee a Wizards win tonight!

I am selling my two Wizards tickets tonight at $20 each. If the Wizards do not beat the Spurs, I will refund your money.

I guarantee a win for every Wizards win. See Below a list of the games and what your price would be per ticket. Of course if the Wizards dont win, your cost is ZIPPY.

ZIPPY, you guys. You can go to any Wizards home game you want for ZIPPY dollars. This is a tremendous deal, should you decide you want to watch an entire Wizards game in person and think you’ll be able to hunt down this random Craigslist person to get your money back.

And it’s not just tonight’s game against the Spurs either. You can snag this great deal for any of the Wizards’ 36 remaining home games, save for the Lakers game which has already been “sold.” Sure, it might cost you $150 up front to see the Heat live, but after they destroy the Wizards, you’re getting that money back. In all likelihood, the most you’re spending on Wizards tickets is probably going to be $50 for a pair of seats against the Hornets, though there’s a chance the Wizards squeak out a win against a better team and you’re left paying a ton of money to see a good team play terribly.

And that’s the genius of this scheme — not only is it a good way to rid yourself of Wizards tickets you don’t want to use while potentially scamming suckers out of money, there’s also an element of risk-reward here that is kind of fun. Yeah, you get to see the Clippers, but are you going to end up getting your money back at the end of the night? It’s a gamble, which then turns in to a double gamble because you’d be rooting hard against the home team in their arena.

Simply put, this deal is for daredevils only. It might seem like ZIPPY dollars now, but when the Wizards beat the Spurs tonight because all the Spurs’ old guys sit on the second night of a back-to-back after a double overtime victory, you just spent 40 bucks watching the Wizards play the Spurs’ second team. You’ve been warned.

(via Dan Steinberg)